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Grant Morrison working with Virgin

Grant Morrison just announced he will be making web shorts for Virgin Comics. They will be based on modern versions of old tales from India. Sitting next to him is Shekhar Kapur (director of Elizabeth).
George Tramountanas



The thought of Morrison reinventing old Indian stories is almost more than my mind can process…

Morrison is a talentless fanboy hack and I’m sure this will be just as big a bunch of gargage as everything else he’s ever done.

"Blough" is right

April 18, 2008 at 9:16 pm

geez……bitter much!!??

Obviously he’s talentless. What, with the awards, legions of fans, and the fact that he still gets work. He also has no imagination and can’t push the boundaries of the comic medium.

Newsarama is that way —-> It’s a better place to post those insightful, witty comments.

I’m only sorry I misspelled “garbage”. Sorry about the typo. Maybe I should have said “$#!+” as I was going to originally. Regardless, the fact remains that all the comics now being put out by Marvel, DC and all the others are edited and written by uncreative, unprofessional, inbred fanboy retards and bought and read by other inbred fanboy retards who are as stupid as the people making the books. Comics have been going disastrously wrong since the early eighties and people like Grant Morrison sure as hell aren’t making things any better. It’s just sad. This is an industry and an artform which by now should have been–metaphorically speaking–dwelling in a golden palace, but which, instead, just keeps swimming in the sewer. The Emperor has no clothes.

What are you talking about you madman?! Grant Morrison is draging mainstream comics into the twenty-first century kicking and screaming. Sure you arn’t thinking about Frank Miller?

Wow! Have you even read Grant Morrison’s work? Try reading Animal Man and tell me that yoy did not care about Buddy Baker and his family. His Animal Man run is probably one of my favorite runs in comics. There is so much heart put into that. Sure Grant can be “out there” for some people, I understand that. HIs All Star Superman is great story that can be enjoyed by anyone who is just a fan of Superman. I really think the comic industry needs more people like Grant Morrison.

Joe Blough is a douche

April 19, 2008 at 1:25 pm

Just ignore that guy. He’s only leaving comments like that to get a reaction.

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