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Sensation Comics #1

Just popped in to Golden Apple Comics Hollywood, our downstairs neighbors, and saw this in one I their display cabinets, the first appearance of Wonder Woman in Sensation Comics #1. It got a 7 from CGC. Pretty cool!


Didn’t Wonder Woman appear before this in ALL-STAR COMICS?

Regardless, a great comic! Not only the awesome WW story but also the 1st appearances of the original Mr. Terrific and Wildcat as well as Little Boy Blue and lots of other fun stuff! For a dime!!

Wow. How much does it cost?!

Just a correction, Wonder Woman’s first appearance is All Star #8, Sensation is her second appearance (as notated on the CGC label).

Wow. Nice.

But how do you read it with it encased in plastic?

IIRC , an issue of ALL-STAR comics was published slightly before SENSATION #1 with a shorter version – different – of WW’s origin .
BTW , I thought , when I saw the header , that this might be something about DC starting a new ” Sensation ” after all , as was suggested in this very board’s Wondy forum…!!!

My earlier comment appears to not be up yet…Mebbe I’m just impatient ???

…Never mind .

That really is beautiful. I’ve always loved that cover.

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