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What is this? A SIEGE Advance Screening Variant?

It is the season of giving and our friends at Marvel Comics surprised us with a nice treat in the mail today – an advance look at “Siege” #1, which doesn’t hit stores until January 6th!

As you can see from the cover above, this isn’t just a copy of “Siege” #1, but actually it’s the “Siege Advanced Screening Variant” #1 which arrived on our door step today, filled with a couple of surprises. To begin with, it’s actually signed by Bendis – that’s pen ink on the front cover, not some graphic design magic.

As I opened up the issue, I was surprised to find on the inside front cover a letter from Bendis about “Siege,” once again signed, but this letter is personalized to me! Wha….?

And while we naturally can’t be scanning in pages from the story, I did scan the inside back cover of this variant copy of “Siege” which showed the fully colored version of Joe Quesada’s cover to issue #1. In case you missed it, Joe shared with our readers how he crafted that cover in a very special Cup O’ Doodles from a few weeks back.

I called up Marvel after receiving this and all they’d say is that this advanced screening variant is extremely limited and has been sent to a small group of individuals and Web sites. I bet I could retire from the bidding war that would break out if I put this up on eBay! I won’t do that, but my retirement fund would appreciate the recharge.

So there you have it, what will likely be the rarest version of “Siege” to come. Now to go read it.


You know, the customization is also probably a way to figure out who is responsible if it leaks.

Still, very cool!

Jonah, Awesome! Don’t smudge it.

How many story pages is it? If you can tell us.

It’s the full first issue of Siege!

@Jonah: I think Trey is asking about the number of pages, not if the issue is complete, it’s obvious that this variant is the entire issue.

BTW, you are a lucky man, you know that? I would like to have one of those.


That’s pretty damn cool. Mad props man.

I might read the Avengers again for the first time since they were Disassembled.

Since you won’t sell it. Can I borrow it.

Spoilers please, LOL! XD

Christmas came early for you, nice!

shamon from bx ,new york

December 22, 2009 at 8:53 pm

Is there still some tension between the three ? what are the heroes reaction to captain America return if any ?

That is so awesome! I would have that thing framed, and hung instantly, after I read it of course. That way I could look at it every morning. Haha!

Beyond awesome. Nice.

Not the least bit interested. The ‘Civil War’ ‘I quit’ era is what three me off of Marvel eventually for good. I want ro read comics with finally crafted stories where the characters are somethign resembling themselves and not exagerated versions twisted for whatever plot may or may not be there. Judging by ‘House of M’ I have no interest in reading a mini-series of false promises promoted like it was some movie that isn’t the least bit like a Marvel comic, but a over-hyped million dollar fiasco. When we got stuff like ‘Clone Thor’ and the just all and all out lie of the ‘Unmasking’ I thought they just quit. ANd issue #7 of Civil War confirmed it. It was right there in that issue. ‘I quit’.

Dumbest thing I ever saw in a book.

Wow. Not to be the buzz killer, but, maybe the ” Hello Jonah ” part was the only unique feature?
Anyway, it is still awesome to have a copy of an extremely rare book made JUST FOR YOU.
I won’t sleep for a week if I were you.

“all they’d say is that this advanced screening variant is extremely limited and has been sent to a small group of individuals and Web sites”

Seems to me like it’s more of the “season of seeking free publicity and hype” rather than the “season of giving.”

Is gonna be scanned soon.Just wait.

I LOVE Bendis’ line about Hawkeye. I’m a huge fan of Hawkeye’s, but that line is still really funny!

Well this looks too good! Can’t wait!

well, was it any good? Did it match the hype?

Well that’s fine and all.. but how do they explain the inclusion of Ironman when he is currently half-dead and unconscious??

Out-of-context quote, please! Those always make great teases!

@Doug Ramsey

I can understand your problems with Civil War(though I disagree) since it was written by somebody not steeped in Marvel history. Honestly, as much as I enjoyed it, I think it would have been better had it been written by somebody who didn’t admittedly need his editor to explain who all but the biggest characters in the story are. That said, I do believe that Captain America’s actions at the end were believable and a logical ending to the story, if not the most satisfying.

House of M, though, was really a game-changer, though. It brought the X-Men out of their own little corner of the Marvel Universe into the main universe with everyone else in a much more lasting way than Secret Wars or even Onslaught ever managed to do; it changed the theme of their stories up to the present, it gave Wolverine his memories back, it was a major chink in the story chain for The Scarlet Witch(which you know Bendis has big plans for the payoff of), it gave Maria Hill a motivation to come to the forefront as leader of SHIELD, and it opened the door for a number of entertaining miniseries in the time since.

If anything, Siege looks at least as ambitious, and Bendis has proved better than just about anybody that he has the chops to live up to that ambition. The kinds of promises we’re seeing about changing the scenery of the Marvel Universe have been paid off in the past with Civil War leading to The Initiative(not just the Avengers title, but the Thunderbolts changing to the Norman Osborn-led version, the split of The Avengers, and the general distrust between heroes) and Secret Invasion leading to Dark Reign.

Very cool. Don’t ebay it, hang it on your wall!

That’s the best Christmas gift you could ask for. Don’t even think about putting that on ebay. You are one lucky man. Congrats dude.

Maybe Hawkeye is going to die again… just not the obvious one. Hmm.

That is really cool!

Having a hard time working up any enthusiasm for this “event”. I don’t know that it’s ‘event fatigue’ so much as this seems like a foregone conclusion what’s going to happen. Fall of Norman, reunited big three Avengers, woo woo. I’m sure there will be some little surprises along the way but Secret Invasion unfolded just as predicted, basically–Bendis’ strong suit is dialogue, not plotting by a long stretch–and this doesn’t seem to be anything too interesting, honestly.

Also, the face on that Quesada cover is awful. Yikes, was Cap Reborn without his upper lip?

PLEASE! they weren’t planning this for 7 years. geoff johns planned blackest night and it was such a success that they threw this together in 7 weeks maybe. it reeks of last minute hail mary pass after being clobbered by dc for the past few months.

Have to agree about the Quesada Cap face – at first glance I thought it was the Swordsman masquerading as Cap (he did once, years ago). Whoever else it is, that’s not Steve Rogers.

And no, I can’t get excited about Siege. It’s not just that there have been far too many of these giant events (there have), but that Bendis is not the right creator for the job. The writer should know the characters inside-out – or at least have a good handle on them – and for me Bendis has proven time and again he doesn’t. He’s the man who had Mr Stickler-For-Playing-By-The-Rules Jasper Sitwell actually torturing someone. He’s the man who had Hank Pym gasp in astonishment that he was talking face-to-face with an actual god (Ares) – the same Hank Pym who co-founded the Avengers with Thor and fought alongside him (and Hercules) countless times. Too many moments of “That’s not what X would do/say” and the story falls apart because the characters are out of character.

It’s a shame really, because there are writers around who would do a superb job.

Marvel events seem like ‘what does Bendis or Millar want’. I don’t care, really? It’s too bad they had make 90% Marvel Universe about theNew Avengers. I don’t like the ‘New’ Avengers and so I don’t care about anything that goes with it. They want to go all out on daring stories, but how can they be when of the most shocking two things they did was Spider-man identies revealed was never meant to go anywhere because the EIC hated the marriage. Then get rid of the marriage, genius! Don’t lie to people, don’t waste the big reveal that got press on CNN!! I wonder what happened to the SPider-man I read went. He’s gone! Sure, Cap got press and Brubaker’s a talented writer but it was apart of New Avengers and CW so I didn’t want to be a part of it. Oh yeah, Civil War. Now everyone’s freinds again judging by that cover? Don’t think so.

I think the coolest thing about the advance is that Brian says he’ll be personally available for you to talk to at your convenience. Are you going to take advantage of it? We’d love to hear how that goes!

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