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Some Good, Some Not So Good Comics Merch

Last May I took an eight day vacation and visited Paris and Amsterdam. I’d never been to either city before and was looking forward to some time away from work, life, comics … basically all those things you go on vacation for.

But as comics are (and have been for some time) powering pop culture in so many ways, it’s really impossible to get away from comics. They’re everywhere! Whether it’s a poster for the next comics based film release, promos for comic based TV shows or licensed merchandise found anywhere from a major department store to 7-11, comics really can be found in every corner of the world these days. My trip to Europe was no exception. Without even trying, I bumped in to comics stuff everywhere I went.

On my final day in Amsterdam it was time to do some shopping. I went around town, popping in and out of shops, looking for stuff to buy for myself or presents for friends back home. While I actually had very limited success on that front, I did find these pieces at one store I popped in to which I forgot I had taken photos of until now.

Wolvie Tee

This tee-shirt was interesting. Not exactly to my tastes, but unlike any Wolvie tee I’ve seen in the U.S. — anyone know what those panels are from?

Hulk Flip Flops Generic Flip Flops

These I just thought were fun. I’ve seen comics themed flip flops before, but I’ve not seen one quite like the generic comic one above. Kinda fun.

But as fun as these two items are, I’m always curious about what and how the licensor allows their images and trademarks to be used. Boxers/Briefs/Under garments are always an area that’s fraught with potential danger. Take the following photo I snapped of two licensed boxers.

Unfortunate Boxers

First off, it gives new meaning to the now timeless phrase, “This is a job for…” Really? Basically, insert your own joke here. The Joker one, though, wow. Look, us men, we’re kind of protective of our manhood areas and wearing boxers that are literally laughing their pants off is probably not something most men want to wear under their jeans. I can see it now — man and woman gettin’ down, clothing removed, the pantaloons come off and the woman begins laughing hysterically, all this before there’s actual nudity. For any men out there with a fragile ego, this is probably not a smart fashion choice for you.


I think the X-Men panels came fro the “Proteus” storyline in Uncanny X-men, the early 120′s. The scene is from Cyclops determining if the X-Men are still in fighting shpae after facing Proteus by picking a fight with them. Yeah, see how your teammates handled fighting a mosnter that can make reality a lie by insulting them and beating them up.

Cyclops is a dick.

Yes. The usually fearless Wolverine is pretty shaken up by Proteus. Proteus’s powers are specially disturbing to Wolvie’s super-senses. Cyclops is worried that Wolverine may have turned into a coward for good, and that is why he picks a fight with Logan and acts like a dick.

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