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Icon for Jason Aaron’s WHERE THE HELL AM I

Gotta say, Chris Hicks really nailed it with his latest column icon for CBR. He took a picture of Jason Aaron and turned out this for the new column WHERE THE HELL AM I? Again, Chris does an amazing job. Check this out!


Don’t forget, Jason’s first column goes up on September 8th, 2010.


ha!really nice.

It’s past August 8 2010, but it’s not showing in the list of columns. Are there archives still around for us to read?

Kyvyny: The column itself launches on August 8th, not today.

Its Sept 8 that it launches. Love me some Jason Aaron. Can’t wait.

August is over. Should we assume you meant September?

Holy crap, is that an Ernie Bushmiller Nancy hair effect around Aaron’s beard? Because that’s HILARIOUS.

So we now have to wait until August again?

11 months is a pretty long lead time for announcing a web column isn’t it?

kyvny: Sorry, meant September 8th — yikes, that’ll teach me for posting to CBR Live! when I’m tired.

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