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One of the Best Personalized License Plates

Driving around Los Angeles, you really never know what you’re going to see. One day you may see an example of road rage that shocks you, while the next day you may pull up next to some big name celebrity. It’s always an adventure on the freeways and byways of Los Angeles. You also see a disproportionate number of personalized plates — yeah, we like ‘em out here. I admit, at one point I even had one. It said (this is so embarassing) — “LA CLIPR” — of course, I was not a member of the NBA’s perennial cellar dweller, but it was my way of showing support for my (then) favorite team.

Yesterday while driving the streets of the City of Angels, I came to a stop and what did I see in front of me but this beautiful example of a personalized license plate. I’ve no idea who this is, but clearly they’re a DC fan.


That is pretty awesome.

Actually, you DO know the driver. Weeeeeeeeird…..

Tae: That’s right! Totally forgot.

It’s actually representing the JLA/JSA action from Waid/Kitson’s JLA Year One

I’ve gotten lots of remarks on mine and expect to get more once the Young Justice series starts: my plate reads AQUALAD

I’ve always wanted to make mine XLCOR, but never could justify forking over the extra cash to the DMV.

That’s actually kinda awesome.

This may not be related to comic books at all. Many couples put their initials on their plates like this. So this car could belong to Janet Lee Allen and John Scott Allen.

Coolest comic related one I’ve ever seem was BAMF.

…YYAAAYYYYYYYYYY !!!!!!!!! ( I originally entered a shorter comment among this line but the system didn’t seem to read it !:– )

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