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Batman Live Ad as seen on London Tube

Saw this ad for “Batman Live” as I was traveling around London today.

And yes, I was tempted to rip it off the wall and run with it, but, ya know, I didn’t want to get thrown in to British jail and be forced to eat haggis for the remainder of my days.


[…] Batman Live posters have been begun to hit the web, indicating a world tour is on the horizon. Me thinks this hideous sideshow should never have expanded past Gotham City. […]

Haggis is Scottish,
not English.
The art is from Hush, no?

Haggis is a Scottish dish so you would unlikely be forced to eat it in London.

I really wish this had been given the Batman INC logo as part of the branding, would have fit it all together nicely

It also was a full page advert in several of the UK newspapers yesterday

And yes, I bought tickets

Haggis is very good but I guess this is not the point of this article… ^^

Haggis? Wrong end of the country mate ;) In London it’d be a sausage butty and tea.

haggis is scottish

Checkout this stage adaptation of “Arkham Asylum.” Just copy and paste the link.


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