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Bolivian Batman? Spidey Hanging with Che?

Our good buddy and CBR video director Lincoln Morrison is down in Bolivia shooting a feature and wandered through an outdoor market the other day. While he was shopping, he was surprised to see some American comics characters for sale in one stall. First up, are two blankets which may or may not be officially licensed.

Bolivian Batman

Really not so weird or bizarre other than knowing Batman & Spider-Man register in a Bolivian market in the middle of no where, but this next picture paints an entirely different picture.

Spidey + Che = Good Times?

That’s a clearly NOT licensed Spider-Man backpack … excuse me, El Hombre Arana backpack (I love that it gives itself four stars!) next to “stylish” Che Guevara backpacks. This may be the only place in the world where you’ll see Spidey merchandise sold alongside Che.

I’ve been telling people for years that comics and comics characters are driving pop culture and here’s proof of that fact — even in Bolivia!


I’m pretty sure that’s a Damion Scott piece used in that knock-off blanket.

Sadly, I’m sure there are college towns where you can see Spidey merchandise next to Che stuff every day.

I’m actually from Bolivia and I can tell you that comic book characters have always been part of the pop-culture there. I’m actually surprised that is all he has seen. I do remember Superman and Batman were the bigger characters used in different products when I was very young.

I’m Brazilian, and I really don’t know why you’re so surprised. And if you think this is the only place in the world where you’ll see Spidey merchandise sold alongside Che, you’ll be wrong.

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