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Phil Ortiz, Chris Kawagiwa, and Richard Starkings wrap up FCBD at The Comic Bug

Ending Free Comic Book Day Day at The Comic Bug in Manhattan Beach, CA, “The Simpsons” animator Phil Ortiz explained the importance of practicing art at an early age to a young aspiring artist. “The Ink Raven” creator Chris Kawagiwa showed off his self-published mini-comic. Between autographs, “Elephantment” writer Richard Starkings hung out with Wonder Woman. And yes, if you look closely, that is Hans Moleman that Phil is drawing.

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Looks like a lot of fun. My local comic book store had Free Comic Book Day but alas by 2:30pm they were out of “Free Comic Book Day Comics”. Now my local store did come good and gave away some back issue stock for free but very frustrating when you and 4 kids show up at 3:00pm dressed in Spider-man, Superman, and Superfriends T-shirts and nary a Free Spiderman Comic was tp be found. Fun day but very disappointing at the same time. Maybe next year.

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