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I have been chosen! The Green Lantern ring has arrived!

Received a fun bit of movie marketing in the mail today. It appears that I have been selected as the new Green Lantern of sector 2814 — take that, Hal Jordan!

Sitting on my desk as I entered my office today was a box from Warner Bros. I opened it up to find a bunch of green tissue paper — clearly we’re talking Green Lantern now.

When I opened the box, I found a DVD and a lovely little ring box. The DVD just had the latest trailer, but the real prize was inside the ring box — at first I thought, “Wow, Warner Bros. is asking me to marry them. I’m not sure I’m ready for a commitment.” But once I got over my commitment phobia, I opened the box to find the precious, err, the ring inside!

The ring is illuminated by a green LED, which really adds to the effect. The ring itself has a metal band with an emerald green plastic in the familiar Green Lantern shape. Even outside the LED, the “crystal” has a nice bit of glow to it. And on the inside is inscribed the name of the movie and the release date.

Also on the inscription it says, “Jonah, you are awesome and we want you in the Corps. Bad! Please, help us defend the galaxy! It’ll be awesome!” But no one else in the office today seems to be able to see that same inscription. Clearly it’s because the ring chose me!

Seriously, fun little bit of movie marketing. Thanks, WB!


I always took you for more of a Star Sapphire, Jonah.

Color me green with envy.

Or, orange with avarice.

I hate you Jonah! lol

Is it too late to get my own really successful comicbook/entertainment website so I can get one of those kits? (Does my Facebook page count?)

My mouth is still wide open in silent awe. Wow!

Burn from my rage over the matter!

Now that’s really cool!

WOW!! Very impressive, I want one of those


Lucky ! Mines dosent actually light up lol

Just saw someone trying to sell that ring and box on eBay for


(Buy it Now)


All will be well if I can just get a blue ring!

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