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Some Notes on CBR’s Updated Design

Hey Folks,

As most of you have already seen, we pushed out some big design upgrades to the site today. While I’d love to report it went without incident, those of you who visit the site multiple times in one day (and thank you for that!) know we had our troubles. When we launched at 9:00 AM Pacific, we ran in to serious performance issues. So after 75 minutes of kicking things, we reverted back to the old site and went to work. We found some areas where we could cut down on server load and around 3:00 PM Pacific we pushed out the changes and here we are!

Some of you have reported problems with the new layout looking seriously funky in your browser. This is due to how your browser caches the style sheets on the site. In order to fix that problem, you’ll need to “force refresh” your browser or clear your cache. Simply pressing reload won’t do it. For instance, Mac users using Firefox should press Command-R to force the page to reload everything, which will solve any display issues you may have. And if the reports we’ve received are any indication, it appears that Chrome seems to have the biggest issues – trust us, the site does look normal in Chrome, but you may need to seriously kick your browser in order to get it to refresh its cache properly.

Now that the changes are live, we know there are some performance and minor display issues (especially on Windows using IE) that must be addressed. Load times on the home page are too long right now and we’ll have a solution for that in the coming days. We beg your patience and understanding as we move forward with this next phase of CBR!

We’ve actually been working on this redesign for about two months now and the primary reason behind this change was to present more information on the home page. The old home page was designed back in early 2008 when CBR had one blog and we published 5-8 stories a day. Here we are in June, 2011 and now we have three active blogs (and a fourth one, this one, that’s a bit less active), publish about 20 stories a day, 5+ reviews and 5+ previews daily. That’s a lot of content and we needed to find a better way to show it to our readers.

Thanks again for your continued support and as I have updates on our progress I’ll post them here. Thanks again and more details to come.


Jonah Weiland, @jonahweiland
Executive Producer, ComicBookResources.com

UPDATE: After talking with Chrome users who’ve experienced problems with the new home page, we’ve found that a force refresh generally doesn’t do the trick and a clearing of cache does. So, if you’re still having issues in Chrome, try that.

Also, we’ve received a number of reports from IE users about blue background with red type on the home page, which absolutely shouldn’t be that way. If you’re an IE user on XP and things are looking fine, let us know. This may be a browser compatibility issue and we’re looking in to this.


Glad the load times are getting looked into. I’m not against change, but the homepage takes waaay longer to load up then the old one did with my crummy internet. Again, that might just be my crummy internet and the times be a-changin’, but I like the notice nonetheless.

Hey Jeremy, that’s our #1 priority. In fact have a meeting with our optimization guys Tuesday at Noon — hopefully we’ll have solutions in place shortly!

So, ahh when does the forum get an upgrade or a recoloring or something to bring some more options and variety?

Shameless Fsnboy

June 21, 2011 at 3:01 am

Nice…but I didn’t see this coming. With a monster hangover from the previous night, I thought it was tripping badly for a moment there…

Certain elements (the “Meanwhile” scrolling pane for instance) are now unreadable on my Android browser.

Jonah, the new design is great! Congratulations. And you did exactly what I wanted – easier access to blogs.

Oh, the tweets app is still a bit clunky. But keep up the great work!

Well the refresh on IE for Windows worked, so the site is formatted correctly. However the red and grey text in the ‘Meanwhile’ column is pretty hard to pick up from a readability standpoint.

Looks great!

Only one complaint: the violet/purple font on blue background is VERY hard to read.

Are you working on a mobile or more tablet compatible version? I found the new design more difficult to navigate on my iPad. How about an app?

David Simpson

June 21, 2011 at 7:31 am

Red and grey type on a blue background is difficult, bordering on painful, to read. A change to a more comfortable colour scheme for the headlines would be much appreciated

Gotta say, at first I was all “What the…?” Then I was all, “How could they do this to me…?” But then I thought, “Hrmmmmmmm, that’s interesting…” and finally I went, “I could get used to this…”

Jarring at first, but I’m starting to dig it. My favorite thing is I can scroll down and run through all the blog posts via the home page now quickly. This is growing on me.

I’m getting a “Ahh, but it wasn’t broken” vibe, myself, but I’m sure I just need to get used to it. I sort of liked the separated out blogs. Usually I wanted CSBG content at a different time of the day then I wanted main page content, but we’ll see if the redesign leads to a change in how I consume the content. It wouldn’t surprise me one bit.

On reflection, I think I hate it. Too crowded. You set out to show more information, and you certainly achieved that – to the point of information overload.

Evening update (7:15PM EDT, 6/21): The text font color issue appears to have cleared up for me. Much less painful on the eyes. Running IE9 on Windows Vista.

I liked it at first, but now it’s really bothering me… the rotator thing at the top is (as it is on every site that utilizes such a thing) highly annoying…

there’s just… there’s just so much going on that it’s become difficult to figure out what I’ve read and what’s new. This certainly looks and feels more “modern” or something, but I’m definitely finding it more difficult to use.

Maybe I’ll go back to liking it soon…

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