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The CBR Relaunch – Day Two Notes

Day two of the CBR Relaunch has begun and I think we’re in a better place than we were at 3:00 PM on Monday.

A number of changes have been made based on your day 1 feedback. First and foremost, apologies to our Internet Explorer users. We did not do enough browser testing with IE before our relaunch and that’s a mistake we’ll never make again. There were code compatibility issues and we now believe we’ve fixed all of them. If you’re still seeing issues, flush your cache and try loading the home page once again. If you’re STILL having issues, drop an e-mail to bugs (AT) comicbookresources (dot) com and we’ll get that sorted for you. Your feedback is absolutely encouraged and invaluable in improving our site for all readers.

One note – we will no longer be able to support the IE 6 browser. Heck, even Microsoft is no longer supporting IE 6. Thankfully, only 3% of our IE using readers are still on IE 6, so this should not be a problem for the overwhelming majority of you.

We had a number of Chrome users e-mail us about home page display issues. The good news is there’s a very simple fix – flush your cache! We’ve double checked the site on Chrome using both PCs and Macs and it looks beautiful! The same goes for Firefox – when in doubt, clear the cache!

What else? There’ve been a number of other changes made to the site today, specifically to fonts and some layout that needed cleaning up. We’ve also cut down on the number of images and stories loading on the home page, which has helped homepage performance quite a bit. That being said it’s still taking too long to load the entire home page. So, earlier today I spoke with an excellent Los Angeles Web development firm who’s going to join our dev team to focus on exactly these problems, employing a variety of technologies to help increase page load times.

CBR itself gets a little present as well — we’ve gone ahead and purchased a new server for the main site. The last time we upgraded the CBR server was February of 2008, so it’s definitely time! This new server is MASSIVELY faster, which will also contribute to speeding things up! It will take us about a week to get this new server online, so bear with us please.

That’s it for today’s update. As we continue to tighten things up around here and make changes, I’ll keep you posted. Please feel free to leave us feedback on Facebook, Twitter, by e-mail or in the comments section below.

Before I let you go, got some big news for you all later this week about our Comic-Con coverage this year! I know, I’m a big tease, but keep your eyes on CBR for the latest. Can’t wait to get down to San Diego!


Jonah Weiland, @jonahweiland
Executive Producer, ComicBookResources.com

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Great Job. I think you guys have a good homepage revamp

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