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The CBR Relaunch – Day Three Notes

Ok, so here we are on Day 3 of our relaunch and wow, it’s been another crazy day of bug fixes and planning.

To begin with, it’s the first day we ran the relaunched home page with a reskin and that caused a display issue with our video feature box in the latest version of Chrome and in some versions of Firefox. In the process of fixing this, we caused another problem that a number of you complained about of a jCarousel query causing some sort of infinite loop that would send us all into the sun and be the destruction of the planet! Well, nothing quite so dramatic, but it was causing a Javascript error for some of you. I’m happy to report the video feature box has definitely been fixed and the jCarousel query should also be fixed. If you’re still getting that weird error, try flushing your cache once again, but hopefully it won’t come to that.

We also discovered a major performance issue caused by our feature scroller. Some of you may have noticed it would physically slow your computer down by upwards of 50%. YIKES! We did some testing, some banging and were able to fix this. The home page should no longer cause any slow downs with your computer’s performance. I’ve done some extensive testing and now the site is much faster.

OK, the Twitter Widget – yeah, it’s broken and we’re looking at it. We know a lot of you check it out, so that’s a priority. If it’s not fixed soon, we’ll take it off production and bring it back once things are fixed.

What else are we working on? Well, we’ve brought in that second team and they’re working on installing numerous Ajax solutions to help increase home page download time. This should be one of the most significant improvements, especially for those of you browsing the site on your phones. They’ll also implement a number of behind the scenes improvements you really don’t care to know about, but they have ways to serve the pages micro-seconds faster across the board, which adds up.

Now, let’s talk iPhones/iPads. The new home page, as it’s currently set up, is performing better on the iPad and iPhone than it was two days ago. We’ve made a number of changes, including a temporary fix on our feature scroller that was causing really odd display issues when it would jump from one story to the other. We’re looking in to this further to see if we can have it work my more smoothly moving forward, but for the mean time the temp fix will do the trick. Additionally, when we get these Ajax solutions in place, the home page will download MUCH faster on those 3G iPhones and Android phones you all love. Give us a week or so to deploy that. We’ll get it done, then we’ll start addressing other ways we can get the site to work better on mobile devices (including the mobile version of the site, which we’ll work on post Comic-Con).

The other thing we worked on Wednesday was get that new server ordered and DAMN is it a fast machine. We currently have CBR running behind a pretty heavy cache, but this new machine might allow us to get out from behind that, requiring no caching what so ever. Regardless, the new machine really kicks butt and even if we have to maintain the caching will REALLY kick butt.

I’ve been responding to every one of your e-mails, responding to concerns posted on Twitter and our own message boards. The good news is the majority of feedback I’ve received has been very positive, but there are those of you who don’t like the changes and I can appreciate that. Just know that we’re taking all your comments under consideration and we’re not going to be done until the performance is at a place I deem satisfactory and the presentation is just perfect (I think we’re almost there on this point, with some minor adjustments yet to come).

Thanks again for your patience. I’ll continue to update you on our progress as I have news to share.


Jonah Weiland, @jonahweiland
Executive Producer, ComicBookResources.com


Exciting times. I can no longer access CBR on my iPhone4, but I expect it’ll be working soon!

Any chance of a dedicated app?

Ricardo Lopez

June 24, 2011 at 7:04 pm

A dedicated app would be great indeed.

I personally find the new design a little bit cramped, but maybe is only the first impressions syndrome.

On the other hand, what I feel is really missing is easy access to the latest columns, right now you have to enter an article to find them.

Anyway, keep up the good work, I know all major and minor glitches will be solved in time. A few years ago I stopped visiting Newsarama after their redesign.

There’s no chance of that happening here, even if I don’t like some things, content is key. And about that, I have no complains. I really enjoy reading Comic Book Resources, articles, columns, blogs and whatnot.

Thank you.

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