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Captain America at the 2012 Olympics in London? Sorta.

If you’ve visited Comic Book Resources for a good length of time you know I have a lot of love for cosplayers. Going back to 1996, CBR has regularly featured photos from cosplayers at comic conventions around the world in many, many a photo parade. Yes, sometimes I can be a tad snarky about some of the more, shall we say, poor choices made by some cosplayers, but I really do love seeing the creativity on display. There have been some mind blowingly good costumes over the years.

Where just 15 years ago seeing cosplay outside a comic convention was an oddity (unless you lived near the Chinese Theater in Hollywood, in which case it’s been an every day occurrence for your entire life), these days cosplay seems to happen most anywhere. Even at the Olympics.

I’m watching NBC’s coverage of Women’s Indoor Volleyball this Wednesday evening, a match between Team USA & China, when as the announcer throws to commercial this image of a fan in the audience comes up on the screen.

Captain America

I’ll be honest, I’m not sure how I feel about this. It’s not the choice in costume, or even the fact it’s a relative cheaply made costume. No, I have no problem with that. But, I dunno, superhero cosplay seems kinda wrong at the Olympics. Like it just doesn’t fit in.

Oh, who am I kidding — I’m just jealous and wish I was there! If someone wanted to fly me to London, get me in to events, on the condition I wear a Captain America costume at all times, I can be reached at jonah@comicbookresources.com.


There is a tradition of people dressing up in silly costumes (not nececssarily cosplay) at the Test Match cricket over here. Could be one of those guys…

I think it would be very cool if Chris Evans actually went over there and dressed as Captain America for the American Teams, maybe just as a quick thing. It’s something I wouldn’t be surprised about from the Japanese and Chinese, considering their especial love for cosplay with anime characters and such. Besides, Captain America isn’t just a comic book character, but he was designed to BE an American Hero.

It may not be called cosplay to them, but this happens regularly at sporting events, can’t tell you how many jokers painted in team colors I saw at SEC games after the dark knight came out. I saw a Master Chief at a LSU game and a Darth Maul showed up regularly for a year when I was at UGA.

Plus that isn’t even the best captain America I saw at the Olympics.

Watch an NFL game on any given Sunday and you will fin somebody dressin’ up

I saw another Captain America at one of the Basketball games a few days ago.

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