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Dear Cartoon Network…


Last Sunday, my daughter and I settled in to watch the final episodes of Young Justice and Green Lantern: The Animated Series while enjoying a leisurely breakfast. It’s become a bit of a tradition to catch up on the latest adventures of Razer & Aya (her favorite GL characters) and the newest twists and turns in Artemis and Aqualad’s dangerous subterfuge while munching on a bagel or some oatmeal. I’d been preparing her for quite a while for the unfortunate end of both of her favorite shows, so, after giving her the proverbial two-minute warning that after today, there will be no more new cartoons starring these characters, we fired up the DVR and clicked play.

We made it through Aya’s redemption and eventual demise rather well – better than I’d have expected, to be quite honest. She was a thrown a bit by Razer flying off into the stars in search of the love of his life, but she was able to accept that his story was one we’re unlikely to see since he’s a Red Lantern and the series is called Green Lantern. “Maybe we’ll get a Red Lantern and Aya series, daddy.” “Maybe, hon – you never know!” Now it was time for Young Justice.

A little background: My daughter adores this cartoon. She loves plenty of other shows – Sesame Street (still!!), My Little Pony, Teen Titans, Go! – but the junior Justice League, Artemis especially, have taken up permanent residence in her heart. She spent her own money on the super-fancy Artemis action figure – the only female character we could find in toy form – and she now stands watch over her bedroom. Most seven-year old girls want pretty princesses or Justing Bieber-themed birthday parties. My daughter insisted on a Young Justice cake, which required much Google image searching since the franchise seems to have never been licensed for party supplies. Simply put, she loves her superheroes, and the YJ kids are the best.


So, we sit back and enjoy the last stand of the heroes of Earth as they unite against the Reach, aided by the treacherous villains of the Light. My daughter responds to Artemis and Wally West’s romantic kiss in Paris with the requisite “BLECH!!!” She asks why Lex Luthor is helping Young Justice when he’s a bad guy. She forgets she has a mouthful of waffle for a full two minutes during Wally’s heroic death sequence, nearly tearing up when Artemis is told of his sacrifice.

And then we come to the final scene, the big reveal that Vandal Savage has steered War World straight to the fiery pits of Apokalips to strike up an alliance with Darkseid. That’s when the wheels came off the bus.

“You’re wrong, daddy. This isn’t the last Young Justice.”

“I’m afraid it is, Sienny.”

“But that’s DARKSEID! They have to fight Darkseid! I saw him in my books. He’s a bad guy! And it said on the TV that it was a new episode!”

After explaining that the “All-New” bug in the corner of the screen was for the episode we just watched, a conversation that took several minutes because she was convinced – CONVINCED – that I was 110% wrong about the future of her “faaaaavrit” show, she eventually came around to the sad reality that Cartoon Network had taken it off the air.

“Can I write them a letter and ask them please, please, pleeeeease to make more?”

“Of course you can, hon. And yes, we can mail it to them.”

“Can you put it in the computer for them to see, too?”

Absolutely. So, here it is, Cartoon Network. A letter from my daughter, the biggest Young Justice fan I know.



They did indeed, during a commercial break, say that next week would be all-new episodes of both Green Lantern and Young Justice. I rewound the DVR to make sure I heard them right. But they also said “all new DC Nation shorts”, which they say every week – even when they are not.

I would pay $$$ to watch this version of Young Justice go up against Darkseid.

Great…now you got me tearing up at 9:30 in the morning :-(

The series didn’t sell enough toys so they aren’t coming back. She likes Teen Titan goes so that is one positive. I guess.

Stephen Gerding

March 21, 2013 at 6:39 am

@mrevans – I try to skip the commercials in order to cut back on inundating my kids’ brains with “Buy! Buy! Buy!” as much as I can, but yeah, one of those may have slipped through. Good call.

@Diana Harris – It’s kind of a catch-22 with the toys though, isn’t it? It’s not like there were tons of them available, and with the ones that were released, it was a weird selection of characters, with the typical problem of not enough female figs and the ones that were produced were, per usual, rare and near impossible to get at a fair price.

She’s kind of looking forward to the new Titans show, but she already has a problem with them ‘not looking right.’ We’ll see how it goes over – the shorts are far from her favorites.

I share the same feels and my daughter, who is 6 years old, feels the same as well. When Wally died she wanted to know why as soon as he flashed into the Speed Force. We’ll miss it and my son who just turned 3 was just starting to enjoy it too.

Cartoon Network’s response:

Dear little girl (You’re not important enough to know your name),

We’re sorry that you’re upset about the endings to both Green Lantern and Young Justice. If you had bought the toys we had produced for you, the show would still be on the air.

But you didn’t tell your parents to do that and we lost money. So we ended the show.

Remember, you caused this.

Thank you, and be sure to watch Adventure Time.

Cartoon Network.

sad that cartoon network ended the show with out fans seeing their heros fight darkside for that letter is not sadly going to change their minds and have young justice and green latern wind up escape being canceled. nice lovely idea but sadly cartoon network made the choice and no more yj or geen lantern. though aya will always have the dvds of the show to watch over and over. just sadly she will not get any more advetures with artimis on tv

This kid speaks for a lot of folks, myself included.

I’M ROOTING FOR YOU LITTLE ONE!!! Hopefully they read your plea!

Unfortunately, I think that the decision to pull the shows, for Young Justice anyway, is at least partially fallout from the New 52. Even though Young Justice is in its own continuity, I have heard some rumblings that DC higher-ups wanted to pull the show because the look of many of the characters was based in “old” DC continuity. If there is any justice (pardon the pun) there will at least be some sort of VOD movie to wrap up the storyline at some point.

I read this and was deeply touched by it. I also saw the advertisements for new episodes last week, and rechecked my DVR to make sure I wasn’t crazy. I was deeply upset when they pulled the shows to show that Dragon nonsense. I’m slowly beginning to think that Cartoon Network, really doesn’t pay all that much attention to what their viewers want to see. I remember when Justice League was pulled…Revamped and pulled again. They managed to make a pretty strong show that people cared about and replaced it a lot of stuff no one watched. This was an epic fail on DC and CN’s part. These were both well written shows that carried their weight with adults and didn’t dumb down for children. The made an exceptional use of language and vocabulary, so it wasn’t like watching the Krypto kid’s cartoon. Your little one’s voice has been heard and she has set an excellent example. I personally think the economics issue is not a good excuse….I stood in line at a shop at Six Flags while people purchased thousands of dollars worth of DC merchandise(I purchased several young justice figures, myself) As many commercials that run throughout both shows, they were hardly losing money on them. I think it’s like anything else, people who aren’t in tune with the demographics of those watching the shows are making the decisions.

[…] den här artikeln om 7-åriga Sienna som älskar Cartoon Networks numer nedlagda animerade serier Young Justice och […]

I know Young Justice had toys, but aside from some Happy Meal toys or a statue ro two, I’ve never seen any GL” Animated toys. Did these even exist? Also, I’ve never seen toys for Adventure Time, Regular Show or half the other CN shows. What’s the difference? I’m just curious.

Your daughter is the COOLEST little girl I know! Props to her for taking a stand! :) Tell her I know how it feels to love Superheroes more than princesses!

Typical of DC mentality. Green Lantern had to overcome a crappy movie and found its footing in season 2. Young Justice was great from the beginning.

So let’s cancel both and bring on TitainsGo which isn’t any good in the shorts so of course we need a half hour of it. And god forbid we have a show that doesn’t have Batman as the star!

I love Batman as much as the next person, but DC has more characters we would much rather see.

I’m done with the Cartoon Network. First it was Justice League and now these two. It’s as bad as Marvel revamping Avengers to copy the movie.

now there’s an idea; young justice themed party! can i just say, you have to coolest daughter ever, and i am so very jealous of that awesome birthday cake! I was so moved by this story, its very inspiring seeing even 7 year olds joining the fight to save these shows :)


March 21, 2013 at 2:49 pm

I keep hearing that YJ was cancelled because of low merchandise sales, but I could never find the merchandise! (yes I checked Wal-Mart) To be fair I didn’t start looking until partway through season 2 when I decided I NEEDED a Blue Beetle, but all I could find were a few leftover season 1 Robins and Kid Flashes in a back corner of a comic book store. I still feel guilty about not supporting this show with my wallet (instead only with my tumblr posts) but I would’ve if I could’ve!

Young Justice and to a slightly lesser extent, Green Lantern were appointment viewing for my son, wife and me.
We all loved the shows and got choked up at trend of both and felt cheated that the stories have been cut short by Cartoon Network. My son is also disappointed that the comic books for YJ have been discontinued.
Rarely did we find any toys in the stores, but I know that I made more than my unwanted trip to McDonalds though so my kid could get the YJ toys.

At this point there is nothing on Cartoon Network that we will be watching in the future.

We join with you hoping that someone will come to their senses and give these shows a second life.
Such great stories, artists & voice talent. I’m very appreciative of the product they put out.

I want it back tooo!!! And what they did to wally?! DX god that broke my heart. I LOVE THIS SERIES. oh sweet chicken, here come the tears… :'(

I don’t know why they didn’t sell enough toys. I know for a fact that I bought my nephew a Robin figure, a Kid Flash figure, and a YJ trade paperback over just the last year. Add to that the Happy Meals I bought (for myself) so I could get Superboy, Kid Flash, and Robin figures and an Aqualad skateboard (who likes those?)

I don’t think it was the merch. I think it was something else.

I thought of Young Justice as by far,(including all the Batman T.A.S.)the best comic book cartoon ever produced. It was the only one that had both the look and feel of an in continuity comic book(even if it, is it’s own continuity) I am bitterly disappointed that they are getting rid of it, to just rehash an older series.

As to low merchandise sales? I do not think that figured into it at all. There weren’t enough merchandise produced from it, and it is a gold mine or a gateway drug into the DC universe. Realistically with the design of the series, they could just relabel any existing DC merchandise they had, and it would be acceptable.

I agree why does it have to end my dad and I love those shows

I’ve seen this promo for new episodes for yj and gl too , i loved YJ :) n green lantern was good too.

This was a letter written for an autistic young man who was a Green Lantern: The Animated Series Fan and Young Justice

*tear jerker alert :(


I’m a 37 year old Single father who grew up on cartoons and comics and am truly sad to see green lantern go I loved this show and thought there was some fabulous writing and animation,always wanted it to be an hour…it’s a sad day when some of the bets shows get taken off.

Who knows..if fan send everything to CN/DC .. maybe just maybe they will bring it back .. Will just have to see how strong the fan base pushes for the show to come back. Heck.. Kim Possible came back for one more season, so they can finish the last year of high school.

Man if Enough people speak they will bring it back just like family guy. we just gotta buy the dvds and toys and send them letters

man the dude from family guy said fans sent Fox diapers and letters for family guy to come back if enough people speak up we will be herd

Great now i want a kid.

YJ was a wonderfully emotionally complex cartoon for young children. Your daughter has excellent taste. Even though I’m more Marvel than DC, I grieve with her. Also, is that a Wonder Woman tee she has on? Adorbs.

My seven year old himself is pretty mad as well. He wanted to see if Razer actually became a Blue Lantern.

Young Justice had so many stories. Hopefully they’ll do a few movies.

Your daughter has a better handle on the characters than DC does. And well done for her recognizing the dramatic potential of Darkseid (was I the only one that noticed Godfrey was RIGHT THERE on Apokolips, how many fathers had to explain THAT to their kids without getting into Legends?)

I’m a grown man, and I saw the Flash thing coming miles away and I still got upset.

And for the record, Wonder Woman is a pretty princess too and look how much bad guy tail she kicks.

Just put the show back on for the kid you bums.kids like cartoons about comic book hero’s.Down the road this little girl could be a collector or a artist or story wrighter or a director.

[…] thought this was moving. Dear Cartoon Network… | CBR Live! @ Comic Book Resources Reply With […]

Now they HAVE to stop the cancellation..how could you say no to her?! hah

My daughter loves this show too. Thank you for pointing out the lack of female action figures. It’s a shame that this series has ended.

lol so cute she missed the the “n” in Lantern.

I honestly feel whoever runs Cartoon Network must work for the devil since they are cold enough to cancel shows primarily based on low ratings and lousy merchandising sales.

When people complain that they can’t find certain characters at a store because either they aren’t shipped there or in limited quality, that’s part of the problem. If you have to resort to amazon or ebay to find those characters, kids aren’t going to quickly pick up that. Parents aren’t going to have the money to buy all those hard to find characters.

So in short, Cartoon Network, you are the problem, not the solution. I’ve seen you give up on too many programs over the years to have any faith in the future. You’ll just cancel something again.

My girls enjoyed watcing YJ and GL with me, too. They were baffled as to why it won’t be on anymore, and sadly, I couldn’t give them a satisfactory reason.

I really hope that, as bad this sounds, the reason it was cancelled is because DCE wants to push the New 52 looks. When that blows up in their faces (look at the creative/editorial state of things at DC) they will see that people will only support good series with good writing and characterization, not the mention the classic looks that go along with them.

I hope “Beware The Batman” and the new Titans should blow up in their faces. It’s time for other heroes and ideas to get the spotlight.

This is going to sound even worse, but was providing home hospice care for my father and those last episodes were the last thing he saw on tv. I was watching it for the story and he was excited by the colors and sounds. Then the morphine settled in and he never really woke up…but the last thing he saw was those 2 shows. So yes, I miss those shows already dearly because watching them was the last real thing I did with my dad.

I sincerely do not think the Cartoon Network or WB will take this seriously. This is seemingly orchestrated by the parent to save his favorite shows. The kid probably doesn’t care about them. YJ and GL are too mature, convoluted and complicated for little kids to grasp.

Unfortunately for YJ & GL, which are good shows, do not have the numbers to support them. Similarly good comics that don’t sell, get cancelled. This is a business after all. We all know that.

In regards to the toys. I know they weren’t selling, but I could never find them. In a way, I think Cartoon Network never wanted these shows to succeed in the first place. The same way Fox screwed around with Firefly and didn’t show the episodes in order.

As far as this article goes, man I’m a big softee.

wow love all of these great comments :) and glad i am not alone in wanting the show back so badly. i agree with everyone who says it was not the low merch sales and it being something else because i remember the show going on REALLY long hiatus like 3 times and usually that is a sign that problems are more in the background area of the company and the heads of dc and cn are not agreeing on where to take the show in the future. i hope we can get the show back if we all keep voicing our want to have it back.

Stephen Gerding

March 23, 2013 at 1:24 pm

@ LetKidsBeKids –

I absolutely wrote the post, but I assure you, my daughter wrote the letter on her own, with no prodding or urging from me.And after seeing me send pics with her grandparents and family via email, Facebook and PhotoStream, she totally gets that you can put a picture in the computer for other people to see.

Does she understand every intricate detail of the series’ plots? Of course not – but that’s fine! It’s simply given us hours (and hours!) of discussion fodder, with me answering her questions. I swear, I’m still explaining the reasons why Aqualad and Artmeis went undercover in the first place, because she simply cannot grasp the concept of why anyone, especially a superhero, would ever want to be a bad guy, even for pretend.

I’m not crying, it’s just raining on my face.

There’s a Young Justice Fans Survey set up by some of the creative staff: http://www.actionfigureinsider.com/main/young-justice-fans-survey

I don’t see why, if DC/CN/WB won’t commission a third season of YJ, then follow the lead of Batman/Superman/JLU Beyond. Go with a weekly YJ:Season 3 digital first series. With their other digital first success stories like Smallville and Arrow, a Young Justice digital first could be a suitable replacement for Cartoon Network’s short sightedness.


There was no Green Lantern series merch at all retailers refused it because the movie toys just sat there hell i still find tons of the movie stuff at Toys R Us. So GL got punished for a shitty movie the show really got cancelled before it was ready for air. on TV. They just spent to much money on it to not air it and they didn’t have anything already on the back burner to replace it

That aside that’s a cute little kid to bad the suits at CN have no souls so they just wont even bother reading it.

@ Superman.. Yeah I can see that too as one of the many reason why it was cancle.. they are pushing the new 52.. and the whole YJ being created as it own DC animated universe.. could start to have conflicts with New52 comic universe .. yeah.. hm>

right about the toys.. someone posted..trying to buy them for my cousin and as to one grab something for my self to put on the computer desk..was kind of tricky..

even the part time i used to work at.. didnt stock yj as much in the toy dpt.

This I swear to god broke my heart.

I have been working tirelessly to help save the show and we are tweeting and retweeting this page.

We are fighting for everyone but this article has strengthened the resolve of all the fans.

If you care for the show as much as we do.

Follow @wintersoldier83 and join the fight

Today’s The day

Even if the toys sold a lot we still wouldn’t be getting another season of Young Justice. Children’s action cartoons get cancelled after a certain number of episodes, and they hit it.

In reply to Z man

I think we owe it to fans like this to try, doing less and complaining about it, well good luck in life mate.

For those of us that are trying to get the show back, I couldn’t be more proud

DVD sales? I’d buy the DVD

CW’s focus continues to be more silly, lighthearted comics. They have this notion that it is important to steer clear of anything too dramatic, which is why when things get :too real” they can them or dumb them down (see Ben 10). They’ve even done this withAS. It’s amazing clone wars is still on.

If you think you’re disappointed now little girl, wait till you’re old enough to read and you check out the New 52 Teen Titans.

Green Lantern was a good show. Got into it at the end, and it sucked to see it go. As for Young Justice, it’s one of the greatest animated programming that doesn’t venture in fantastical to the point of being silly. Cartoon Network could have easily have placed Young Justice and Green Lantern with the Toonami block. DC and Cartoon Network. And as many toons Cartoon Network airs without toys/action figures, it makes no sense to cancel Young Justice due to “poor toy sales”. A smart marketing ploy would have been to tie Young Justice into the direct to DVD animated movies being produced by DC Comics, simply by injecting mentioning occurrences from Young Justice in the animated movies, as well as mentioning happenings in the direct to DVD animated movies in Young Justice. It poor judgment on DC Comics to not push for further seasons to be aired on Cartoon Network, as well as CN not pushing to be able to air the animated movies a year after their release date.

Yeah, the fact that they actually advertised new episodes of both shows for this week did not help matters. I went through something similar with my 6-year old daughter. I don’t think it really sank in until this week.

I’m very dissapointed that both green Lantern and young Justice have been canceled I would have loved to see the next season on tv with Darkseid battling the Justice League and Young justice team all team up and battle to save the world once again and if they are only canceling it because dvd sales are bad thats because they aren’t selling it as a complete box set of a season not as single volumes and sold the toys world wide then maybe they would get better sales then there would be no reason to cancel the show I love Both shows and really do hope they change there minds but i’m not holding my breath that it will happen as they don’t listen to fans much….. :(

Sienna Gerding Human of sector 2814 you have express great love and in turn inspired it in others, Welcome to the star Saphire Corprs

For hearts long lost and full of fright,
For those alone in blackest night,
Accept our ring and join our fight,
Love conquers all– with violet light!

Anyone start a petition site yet? My 5yo and 4yo (and I) loved GL Animated and miss it already. I thought YJ was a little too old for them but it was a great show for me.

My 7 year old daughter loved these shows and is upset about them being cancelled also.
The comment about them being too complicated, convulted and complex for young ones is off base, the shows were made for kids and adults to enjoy.

As far as DVD sales go, I won’t buy 4 episodes for $14.99 and then later buy a season with the same 4 episodes for $29.99. I don’t think I’m alone in saying I don’t spend more than $14.99 for seasons of any T.V. series. Some people wait for a complete series boxset to come out to get the box set exclusives.

And I thought dealing with amazing television shows at 24 was hard enough, I can’t imagine being a child and being so invested in a series only to have it cancelled. I’d be more irritated that they implied more episodes would be coming if they aren’t. If Veronica Mars fans could make a movie happen after all this time, hopefully this story will get a happier ending.

That was a touching moment.

Sorry to say but you’d have an easier time getting a Blue Beetle from BB:B&TB or DC Universe toyline. The YJ toys barely made it out of season 1, they even had stealth repaints that never made it past the “Coming soon” label.

Honestly I can’t say how they can use the “lack of toy sales” as an excuse, I barely saw any advertisements and when I did see them in stores it was like a dozen delux size Aqua-lads for every 3 regular size Robins or Kid Flashes.
And they can’t blame ratings when they put it on hiatus and only show reruns on Boomerang of all places(GL got the short end of the stick on that one). Heck even Marvel showed it’s shows outside of the main block though they favored USM over A:EMH(which barely saw any reruns of new eps).

Honestly some of the decisions by both CN and DC seem to be contridictingly stupid.

Why are shows with arch based character driven stories so few and far between? I feel for this kid first heartbreak is the hardest.

Cartoon Network always does pissy things like this like a magician ….don’t pay attention to what I’m cancelling here….here’s new stuff I’ll get you to love and cancel on you later…….like the state farm commercial with the fisherman and the dollar, we keep reaching for the shows and get half ass reasonswhen they’re cancelled or no reason at all…I’m still mourning old shows gone (I’m looking at you Big O!)

[…] to find ways to bring it back through means of petitions, experimental crowdfunding websites, and simple letters from the show’s youngest fans. However, the one who’s been surprising quite over this whole ordeal is the series’ […]

Guys, I’m with you in mourning the loss of these two animated shows, but maybe we should look on the bright side instead. Nothing lasts forever, and someone decided that it was time to close these down, however untimely it may seem to us.

Frankly, I’m surprised that “Justice League Unlimited” and “Young Justice: Invasion” ever were made and aired in the first place. These are programs designed to appeal to hardcore super-hero fans (of which there seem to be no more than thirty thousand, judging by current comic book sales), but made for a mass medium, where success is measured in the millions. A bunch of executives and creatives took the gamble that these character-choked, densely-plotted stories would find an audience of acceptable size. I love this stuff, but I wouldn’t have bet hundreds of thousands of dollars on that possibility.

But they did, and we have creative work that can be enjoyed repeatedly (since TV is no longer an ephemeral medium, as it was in my youth), and by future audiences. My local CW affiliate is airing “Justice League Unlimited” episodes on Saturdays, so they are in syndication. Perhaps it would be prudent to contact your local stations and ask that they buy it for your market?

I think that we should celebrate the quality of the work that was done, and publicly thank those who created it, rather than just moan that it’s gone.

Worth an effort to get it back on the air. If anything the comics division will listen to fans aprofitnd are more responsive when doesn’t infringe on profits (putting Simone back on Batgirl, removing Orson Scott Card), unlike Cartoon Network/Turner.

To Turner’s credit they did bring back Teen Titans, but only after several long years.

Honestly I can’t say how they can use the “lack of toy sales” as an excuse, I barely saw any advertisements and when I did see them in stores it was like a dozen delux size Aqua-lads for every 3 regular size Robins or Kid Flashes.

Awwwww :) She’s so cute. Mean CN…it’s hard enough to get young girls to admire strong female roles but then when they can…you take it away.

I just wanted to say that I have a 7 year old daughter who sounds nearly identical to you, and likes the same shows (MLP, Green Lantern, YJ, etc.), and she was sad to hear about these shows ending. It was nice to read about someone with such a similar experience.

i am 14 and i am so mad because they don’t make a season more they have to do that. i mean why wouldn’t they. it have to come back

I am whit you little girl I love young justice and I gon a figth to take them back don’t worry I can’t talk to the creator of the serie I going to take young justice back!!!!!!!!!

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