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DC’s Roy Harper: Los Angeles Kings Fan?


DC Comics’ Roy Harper confronted his past and old mentor Green Arrow in “Red Hood and the Outlaws Annual” #1, and this Saturday, Darryl Sutter, the head coach of the NHL’s Los Angeles Kings is facing something out of his own history as well — his former team the Chicago Blackhawks, who the Kings face in the Western Conference Finals of the Stanley Cup playoffs, a club he played left wing for from 1979-1987, then later commenced his coaching career with from 1992-1995.

On the surface, Roy Harper and the Los Angeles Kings don’t have any direct correlation, but upon closer examination something becomes obvious — the arrow slinging outlaw of the DC Universe is an LA Kings fan.

Since DC launched its New 52 continuity, Harper is often seen wearing a baseball cap with an ambiguous logo, but in certain images it strongly resembles a LA Kings logo, granted one that has been retired towards the end of this post-lockout NHL season. Check the evidence:


These three images from the covers of “Red Hood and the Outlaws” #15, #19 & “Annual” #1 are the best examples to support Harper’s fandom of last season’s Stanley Cup winning team. The icon on the controversial “trucker hat” (which in actuality is a baseball cap — trucker hats have a mesh backing) has the same color scheme, clearly resembling a tri-tipped crown and true to the logo, sports a dot in the middle of the centermost spike. Just check it against the logo found on Kings goalie Jonathan Quick’s sweater.


Of course, no analysis is truly complete if one didn’t play devils advocate. To counterpoint, aside from May 29th’s “Red Hood and the Outlaws Annual” #1, it would seem as if DC is phasing out the logo altogether. Scope these covers of “Red Hood” #20, #21 & #23 and “DC Universe Presents” #17 where the hat’s icon disappears, reads as “Kill or be Killed” or strongly resembles a Nashville Predators logo. Talk about a downgrade.


CBR reached out to original “Red Hood” artist Kenneth Rocafort to weigh in on the logo. “Attached is the original logo of Roy’s hat that appears during my journey on the tittle. I decided to use a raccoon because the animal is a scavenger, not too prestigious, very agile, clever and unpredictable — which is how I see Roy, an awesome character that is the heart of the group. I know the logo has changed — there are different versions,” Rocafort said.


So there you have it — the logo, at least in its early days, is not a crown but a raccoon. Even with this in mind, it’s difficult to deny the possibility of Roy being enamored with LA’s hockey club, especially when looking at the design when not drawn by Rocafort. Each artist taking on Roy has given their own spin to the logo, and later versions clearly do not represent Rocafort’s original sketch as it takes on a more crown-like appearance.

Plus, any die-hard sports fan has to admit — these next two images of the “Red Hood” #8 & #11 covers prove Harper’s hardcore allegiance to all-things Los Angeles Kings.


Seriously — here Harper’s seen wrestling an enormous, sweaty creature in a hospital that could pop him like a grape, yet he keeps his team’s royal relic firmly attached to his dome, and then he takes that baby into freakin’ deep space to wear in battle against guys with laser guns! That’s hardcore fandom right there, man!

Does the fact that original “Red Hood” writer Scott Lobdell’s taking residency in Los Angeles lend to the theory of Harper rooting for the former team of The Great One, Wayne Gretzky?

Unfortunately, when contacted by CBR about the logo, Lobdell responded, “Alas, I know nothing about it.”

An interesting theory a fan proposed online about the logo referenced a connection to Queen Industries, the company of Oliver Queen, Green Arrow. This is of course implying the logo’s a crown, however I like to think it’s more Kingly than Queenly.

One thing’s for sure, in my heart of hearts, I believe – nay, I KNOW Roy Harper approves of the following message: Go Kings Go!


“Red Hood and the Outlaws Annual” #1 is available now from DC Comics; the Los Angeles Kings take on the Chicago Blackhawks in Game 1 of the NHL’s Western Conference Finals June 1 at 5pm Eastern Time


That’s funny, because the voice of Roy Harper on Young Justice, Crispin Freeman, is from CHICAGO. LET’S GO HAWKS.

83 stitches to the chin

May 31, 2013 at 1:15 pm

Marvel studios are here in Manhattan Beach, Kings live in Manhattan Beach, practice in El Segundo.
Superheros all over Manhattan Beach, kings, nice little nod to the cup champions. Quickie.

Kings in 7.


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