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Who will you tip – The Joker or Lex Luthor?

Love the comic book theming of the tip jar at SteamPunk Coffee Bar in North Hollywood, CA. I tipped The Joker, naturally.


would have to tip them both mostly for the baristia who had the guts to put the joker on his or hers tip jar proving what a unique and crazy sense of humor the baristas there have.

Joker, Lex is rich enough already.

A local coffee shop near where I live did a whole series of these last year, starting with Flash vs. Green Lantern. Some of the other matchups, IIRC, included Spider-Man vs. Batman and Wonder Woman vs. Supergirl.

Photo of the Flash vs. Green Lantern jars: http://speedforce.org/2012/03/gl-flash-tip-jars/

The joker.Because he’s one badass psychotic villain .

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