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“Infinity” #1 Variant and some thoughts from Tom Brevoort

Got a lovely present from the folks at Marvel today — this special variant of “Infinity” #1 (in stores tomorrow, August 14th) featuring a cover by Adam Kubert, signed by we THINK Hickman (can anyone tell based on the photo).

Infinity Variant #1 Cover

It also includes this little pitch by series editor Tom Brevoort, which we thought we’d share with you all (transcript below). Enjoy!

Infinity #1 Interior Cover Text by Tom Brevoort

I could sing you the song and dance, but you’ve heard it all before, right? You know how it goes. So let me stick to the facts.

INFINITY is the first crescendo to the uber-story that Jonathan Hickman has been fashioning since the beginning of the MARVEL NOW! AVENGERS and NEW AVENGERS titles. Everything has been building to this!

INFINITY crosses the length and breadth of the Marvel Universe to unite characters from all spheres of operation against not one but two mighty threats! This is the Marvel Universe unified as never before!

INFINITY heralds the return of the Mad Titan, Thanos, to center stage after a long absence (not to mention a much-talked-about end-of-movie teaser.)

INFINITY alters the landscape of the Marvel Universe meaningfully, and sets up the storytelling cycle that will carry us through 2014 and beyond!

INFINITY is illustrated by three of the finest artists in the field, Jim Cheung, Jerome Opena and Dustin Weaver. All three are motivated by intense competition with the others — none of these guys wants to be the third-best artist on the project, and it shows on every page they’ve drawn!

Thanks for all you’ve done to make MARVEL NOW! the great success that it’s been! Here’s the first big payoff, both figuratively and literally! Welcome to INFINITY!

Tom Brevoort
SVP – Executive Editor
Editor – Infinity


I would prefer an extra page of story or art, rather than an letter that won’t do a damn thing to actually promote the book. Value over editorial ego people!

I love Hickman’s writing but the more the pump this up the less interested I become. The same “landscape altering” hyperbole that comes with every event does little to create excitement. Just let the books speak for their selves. If it’s good it probably doesn’t need all of the hype anyway.

Agent Venom \ Winter Soldier

August 13, 2013 at 4:53 pm

Heres hoping its bettern than Hickman’s Avengers and Age of Ultron…

Looks like the signature might say Axel.

Ego.. or an assertion that we value all Tom’s work, but yes the “my book” perspective of some of the editors is mind boggling. Or the fact they sign autographs. Then again organizing all these books and continuity should be appreciated. It’s their power, and value of their own worth that I would like to be changed.

Its signed AXEL.

That signature on the front is Axel Alonso’s.

And Lee, in the copies that you’ll be able to purchase of Infinity #1 tomorrow, there’s a much more entertaining advertisement on that inside cover. See? Who says we don’t think about you?

Tom B

I looked through Infinity #1 at the comic shop today, and decided to skip it. I didn’t recognize most of the characters. And I didn’t appreciate the half dozen or so blank pages.

I thought this series was supposed to feature the Avengers. Who was the guy with the chin guard and the costume vaguely reminiscent of Captain America? If Marvel wants me to buy a comic with Captain America in it, then he needs to look like Captain America. Iron Man needs to look like Iron Man.

Does Marvel plan to make all their comic book characters match they way they look in the movies? Because that’s bass ackwards. The cart is supposed to follow the horse.

Walk a mile in his shoes before you criticize over an editorial letter. It’s hard work to KNOW where the company has been, where it is, and where it wants to go, and to balance all of those positions week in and week out. They didn’t put in the “To be continued…” one page early, they allowed this man to tell you why he loved this particular baby of his. If he wasn’t proud of his work, would we really want to buy it?

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