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The CBR Hallway Poll: Ben Affleck as Batman – Yay or Nay?

The CBR offices are located in the Laemmle Theater building in the NoHo Arts District in Los Angeles, California. It’s a small building that’s home to a seven screen movie theater, a Chipotle (oh, man, do we love burritos!), CBR and Los Angeles City Councilman Paul Krikorian’s field office. There’s not a lot of traffic in our hallways, but enough that we thought, “HEY, WE HAVE TO TAKE THE PULSE OF THE BUILDING ON THIS BEN AFFLECK BATMAN NEWS!!!!” Well, it wasn’t quite that dramatic, but close.

We put our nifty white board on the door to our suite and asked the question of anyone walking the halls since last Friday. Here are the results.

What have we learned from our super scientific survey? That our hallway is far more supportive of Ben Affleck as Batman than the Internet as a whole is. HALLWAY FTW!


i was so shocked by warner Bros choosing Ben Affleck as the next batman , I thought it was a horrible nightmare. even that they considered Orlando bloom was a laugh. With so many good actors like Ryan Gosling and Josh Brolin, you begin to wonder what are they thinking.? i would even consider someone like billy Zane to portray bruce wayne /Batman he got the looks and acting to back it up. Guy Pearce is another actor that i believe could also pull it off.

It’s funny that it seems like the majority of comic fans in my life are looking forward to the Justice League movie more than hating on this casting, while the internees and casual moviegoers seem to deplore the idea. The one comic fan I know who disagreed with it is a fan of TMNT and G.I. Joe more than DC pantheon books, everyone else pretty much said “I need to see the movie before I pass judgement.”
This is bad portends for Warner, as I think they viewed Affleck as an acting draw first, and directorial help second, and the mass audiences who supported “The Avengers” are seemingly disgusted. I hope they stick it out, and don’t give up on this idea, as the risk they are taking here could pay off in a way DC desperately needs to be able to compete with Marvel in the cinematic realm.
(I am a Marvel fan).

Did two and a half people vote “or”?

I hope so.

Your hallway seems much more reasonable than the world, then.

I think that there’s a huge bandwagon-jump going on of people who hate on this idea, but are going to go see the movie, anyway.

If not for irrational negativity, what would the Interwebs be for, anyway?

I’m a huge DC fan and I don’t want to see Affleck as Batman, but that’s because I don’t think he is capable of acting the part of Batman. Bruce Wayne? Maybe.

That and he does not feel like a hero to me. Daredevil was such a horrible movie to me because I think Colin would have been a better Daredevil (although he was a great Bullseye).

Affleck can do arrogant great, which is a Batman trait in my eyes, but I always feel as though Affleck is a snide arrogant (within his acting sphere), which is not what I think Batman is.

The Batman Franchise has always been a Nostalgia Fest – in the late 80’s they raged about Keaton then years later when it came time for the new Joker everyone raged because Jack Nicholson was so clearly the joker and nobody was going to accept this Pretty boy Heath Ledger…..
I imagine probably all of us on CBR have been surrounded by grumpy nostalgic fans and seen this silliness plenty of times – Remembering back to the days flipping through Wizard Magazine back in the 90’s and seeing all the speculation/rumours and movie dream teams conjured up by the geek community — Almost None of those movie speculations ever came true, some projects never amounted to anything and other franchises which were destined for the Big Screen came out in completely different ways; like Spiderman, no one ordered the organic webshooters but A LOT of people love those Raimi Spiderman Flicks

The whinging of diehard, nostalgic fans is just inconsequential noise (most of the time) and years from now no one will care and sometimes people will try and forget they ever doubted the casting (RIP Ledger)

To the people saying they can’t accept Affleck and are no longer Fans of Batman …Well they said it themselves, they’re not really Fans of Batman

I’m willing to give Affleck a shot.

*ack* **gag** *cough* Sorry.. Try as I may, I am can not get rid of the blasted taste in my mouth/throat from ‘Daredevil’. Ah well, thankfully, ‘X:Men: Days of Future Past’ is on the immediate horizon, as well as ‘Avengers 2′ not too far after..

Count me in as opposed to Affleck in the role of Batman. If you ALREADY have a perfectly good Batman who the public ALREADY supports who has also ALREADY proven to be a box office draw, why then would you go with Affleck.

To me this is history repeating itself. In the 1990’s they shoved big name actors as villains in Batman movies essentially marginalizing the supposed star of the film (which is the reason that Val Kilmer left the role). They did not learn from doing the exact same thing with Superman III where they mysteriously shoved Richard Pryor in that movie making it a comedy instead of a comic book film. They are now doing the same thing with Affleck. When people watch the movie (although not me) Affleck will overshadow Cavill. Nobody will see Batman, they will see Ben Affleck.

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