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What is CBR Live?

Quite simply, CBR Live is our new mobile blog that will be brought out for the major comics conventions we cover. Our contributors will text news and other assorted items to the blog as they happen. Think of these entries as quick hits like, “These guys just announced Joe Shmo is now exclusive with Big Time Comics Company,” or “OMG, I just spilled my beer all over Big Time Comics Talents! Jonah’s going to kill me!” In addition, camera phone images will be flying in here all weekend long. Pictures of your favorite creators, odd happenings, etc., all moments after they happen at the convention.

All weekend long at New York Comic-Con, CBR’s on-site staff of contributors will be doing that and much more. And we encourage you to comment on the entries the blog receives — what did you think about that announcement? Thoughts on the latest picture posted to the blog? Share them with us.

CBR Live is meant to be fun, fast and frantic! Sit back and enjoy what we come up with all weekend long and look for more action from CBR Live later this summer during Wizard World Chicago, Comic-Con International in San Diego and a handful of other conventions along the way.

Have questions about CBR Live? Drop an e-mail to CBR Executive Producer Jonah Weiland.

Recent Comments

  • Jerry Jonez: This is awesome news! Looking forward to listening. I’m a regular KFI listner. And you’ll be...
  • Eric Lee: I still have never gone to Marvel Mania. I remember as a kid seeing it being under construction. Flash...
  • Dimo1: Looks like Bart Sears Spider-Man in the second pic.
  • Ev: Marvel should open this now. It could rival McD’s now that they are such mainstream darlings!
  • Andrew: That fill-in’s the SIlver Surfer.
  • Mike: Cover is Lim and Koblish, I think first 3 pages are Ringo, 4 and 6 are Chuck Wojtkiewicz, and 5 is Steven...
  • J-So: @David: Dunno, who decided on super-popular Shuma Gorath to be in Marvel vs. Capcom?
  • David: Ah yes. Finally. All of Marvel’s big villains on one page. Magneto! Loki! Venom! Dr. Doom! Galactus!...
  • Zach: Awesome. Cover is Ron Lim, right? And interiors are ‘Ringo?
  • Molly Bode: Mark also did a mural in remembrance of Frank Frazetta. He painted it with James O’Barr. It is on...

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