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Iron Trooper

Maybe this is the Mark Episode IV armor?

These are the nerds you’re looking for…

Then things got ugly at Earth-2 Comics when DEADPOOL writers Brian Posehn and Gerry Duggan got captured by members of the 501st Legion…

Brian? Boba!?

Two public figures recognize each other at Earth-2 Comics Sherman Oaks…DEADPOOL writer Posehn and intergalactic Bounty Hunter Fett…

Most Incredible Tee-Shirt of the Day

“Don’t make me do laundry, you won’t like me when I do laundry…” at Earth-2 Sherman Oaks…

Does Boba Fett get royalties?

“Dude, this was my idea. I want my bounty. ”

The Dark Knight Rises

Costumed fan at Earth-2 Comics Sherman Oaks

Todd Harris sketches at Earth-2

Clark Kent mid-change.

Spider Baby at Earth -2 Sherman Oaks

Does whatever a baby can!

Wonder Twins at Earth 2

Powers activate!

Chillin’ Free Comic Book Day

Captain Cold stopped by Earth-2 Sherman Oaks. Maybe to thank Geoff Johns for the big role in Flashpoint? Cool photo by Chris Hawley.

Geoff Johns takes a Brisk break

At Earth-2 Sherman Oaks Green Tea is enjoyed Green Lantern style.

Michael Broussard sketches

Top Cow superstar artist sketches Batman at Earth-2 Sherman Oaks

Green Day

Chris Hawley is taking the coolest shots at Earth-2 Sherman Oaks.

Kid Flashpoint?

Earth-2 Sherman Oaks gets a surprise visit from the future.

In Brightest Taste…

Home made cookies in honor of Green Lantern and Geoff Johns at Earth-2 Sherman Oaks

Harley and Diana

Harley Quinn and Wonder Woman check in at Earth-2 Sherman Oaks.

Batman Needs A Shave


> Justin Rodrigues draws a 5 o’clock Batman at Earth-2 Sherman Oaks for a happy fan,


Green Lantern Green Arrow Green Tea

Sam and Jessica show off the new Green Lantern Brisk tea from Lipton debuting today at Earth-2 Sherman Oaks.

Recent Comments

  • David: Ah yes. Finally. All of Marvel’s big villains on one page. Magneto! Loki! Venom! Dr. Doom! Galactus!...
  • Zach: Awesome. Cover is Ron Lim, right? And interiors are ‘Ringo?
  • Molly Bode: Mark also did a mural in remembrance of Frank Frazetta. He painted it with James O’Barr. It is on...
  • No Way: I hit stores from Kalamazoo to Saginaw dressed as Rorschach. Had a blast. Even got some FCBD stuff coming...
  • Anna F: Great Store! Staff always friendly and helpful every time I visit, plentiful selection too.
  • Lilith eve: The domino is me! That way to cool! veadem
  • Deathstroke: Matt Hawkins did an excellent job adapting with the first issue of Tales of Honor. Good to see him out...
  • Adam: Nice to see the Michigan shops. I lived in A2 ten years ago and wondered how they’re all doing–good...
  • Josh Gowdy: You realise it is already Saturday the 3rd of May in Australia and these sketches are right on...
  • Scooby: Ah… nothing like free stuff to bring out a bunch of freeloaders! I joke! I joke!! But I’m not...

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