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The CBR Relaunch – Day Three Notes

Ok, so here we are on Day 3 of our relaunch and wow, it’s been another crazy day of bug fixes and planning.

To begin with, it’s the first day we ran the relaunched home page with a reskin and that caused a display issue with our video feature box in the latest version of Chrome and in some versions of Firefox. In the process of fixing this, we caused another problem that a number of you complained about of a jCarousel query causing some sort of infinite loop that would send us all into the sun and be the destruction of the planet! Well, nothing quite so dramatic, but it was causing a Javascript error for some of you. I’m happy to report the video feature box has definitely been fixed and the jCarousel query should also be fixed. If you’re still getting that weird error, try flushing your cache once again, but hopefully it won’t come to that.

We also discovered a major performance issue caused by our feature scroller. Some of you may have noticed it would physically slow your computer down by upwards of 50%. YIKES! We did some testing, some banging and were able to fix this. The home page should no longer cause any slow downs with your computer’s performance. I’ve done some extensive testing and now the site is much faster.

OK, the Twitter Widget – yeah, it’s broken and we’re looking at it. We know a lot of you check it out, so that’s a priority. If it’s not fixed soon, we’ll take it off production and bring it back once things are fixed.

What else are we working on? Well, we’ve brought in that second team and they’re working on installing numerous Ajax solutions to help increase home page download time. This should be one of the most significant improvements, especially for those of you browsing the site on your phones. They’ll also implement a number of behind the scenes improvements you really don’t care to know about, but they have ways to serve the pages micro-seconds faster across the board, which adds up.

Now, let’s talk iPhones/iPads. The new home page, as it’s currently set up, is performing better on the iPad and iPhone than it was two days ago. We’ve made a number of changes, including a temporary fix on our feature scroller that was causing really odd display issues when it would jump from one story to the other. We’re looking in to this further to see if we can have it work my more smoothly moving forward, but for the mean time the temp fix will do the trick. Additionally, when we get these Ajax solutions in place, the home page will download MUCH faster on those 3G iPhones and Android phones you all love. Give us a week or so to deploy that. We’ll get it done, then we’ll start addressing other ways we can get the site to work better on mobile devices (including the mobile version of the site, which we’ll work on post Comic-Con).

The other thing we worked on Wednesday was get that new server ordered and DAMN is it a fast machine. We currently have CBR running behind a pretty heavy cache, but this new machine might allow us to get out from behind that, requiring no caching what so ever. Regardless, the new machine really kicks butt and even if we have to maintain the caching will REALLY kick butt.

I’ve been responding to every one of your e-mails, responding to concerns posted on Twitter and our own message boards. The good news is the majority of feedback I’ve received has been very positive, but there are those of you who don’t like the changes and I can appreciate that. Just know that we’re taking all your comments under consideration and we’re not going to be done until the performance is at a place I deem satisfactory and the presentation is just perfect (I think we’re almost there on this point, with some minor adjustments yet to come).

Thanks again for your patience. I’ll continue to update you on our progress as I have news to share.


Jonah Weiland, @jonahweiland
Executive Producer, ComicBookResources.com

The CBR Relaunch – Day Two Notes

Day two of the CBR Relaunch has begun and I think we’re in a better place than we were at 3:00 PM on Monday.

A number of changes have been made based on your day 1 feedback. First and foremost, apologies to our Internet Explorer users. We did not do enough browser testing with IE before our relaunch and that’s a mistake we’ll never make again. There were code compatibility issues and we now believe we’ve fixed all of them. If you’re still seeing issues, flush your cache and try loading the home page once again. If you’re STILL having issues, drop an e-mail to bugs (AT) comicbookresources (dot) com and we’ll get that sorted for you. Your feedback is absolutely encouraged and invaluable in improving our site for all readers.

One note – we will no longer be able to support the IE 6 browser. Heck, even Microsoft is no longer supporting IE 6. Thankfully, only 3% of our IE using readers are still on IE 6, so this should not be a problem for the overwhelming majority of you.

We had a number of Chrome users e-mail us about home page display issues. The good news is there’s a very simple fix – flush your cache! We’ve double checked the site on Chrome using both PCs and Macs and it looks beautiful! The same goes for Firefox – when in doubt, clear the cache!

What else? There’ve been a number of other changes made to the site today, specifically to fonts and some layout that needed cleaning up. We’ve also cut down on the number of images and stories loading on the home page, which has helped homepage performance quite a bit. That being said it’s still taking too long to load the entire home page. So, earlier today I spoke with an excellent Los Angeles Web development firm who’s going to join our dev team to focus on exactly these problems, employing a variety of technologies to help increase page load times.

CBR itself gets a little present as well — we’ve gone ahead and purchased a new server for the main site. The last time we upgraded the CBR server was February of 2008, so it’s definitely time! This new server is MASSIVELY faster, which will also contribute to speeding things up! It will take us about a week to get this new server online, so bear with us please.

That’s it for today’s update. As we continue to tighten things up around here and make changes, I’ll keep you posted. Please feel free to leave us feedback on Facebook, Twitter, by e-mail or in the comments section below.

Before I let you go, got some big news for you all later this week about our Comic-Con coverage this year! I know, I’m a big tease, but keep your eyes on CBR for the latest. Can’t wait to get down to San Diego!


Jonah Weiland, @jonahweiland
Executive Producer, ComicBookResources.com

TERRA NOVA’s Jason O’Mara At WonderCon & CBR

During WonderCon in San Francisco this year, “Terra Nova” stars Jason O’Mara and Stephen Lang stopped by the CBR Tiki Room to talk about the new FOX TV show. Today, we discovered this behind-the-scenes style video that Jason shot himself while at WonderCon, which includes his stop in the CBR Tiki Room — fun little view of the show from celebrity guest angle.

Some Notes on CBR’s Updated Design

Hey Folks,

As most of you have already seen, we pushed out some big design upgrades to the site today. While I’d love to report it went without incident, those of you who visit the site multiple times in one day (and thank you for that!) know we had our troubles. When we launched at 9:00 AM Pacific, we ran in to serious performance issues. So after 75 minutes of kicking things, we reverted back to the old site and went to work. We found some areas where we could cut down on server load and around 3:00 PM Pacific we pushed out the changes and here we are!

Some of you have reported problems with the new layout looking seriously funky in your browser. This is due to how your browser caches the style sheets on the site. In order to fix that problem, you’ll need to “force refresh” your browser or clear your cache. Simply pressing reload won’t do it. For instance, Mac users using Firefox should press Command-R to force the page to reload everything, which will solve any display issues you may have. And if the reports we’ve received are any indication, it appears that Chrome seems to have the biggest issues – trust us, the site does look normal in Chrome, but you may need to seriously kick your browser in order to get it to refresh its cache properly.

Now that the changes are live, we know there are some performance and minor display issues (especially on Windows using IE) that must be addressed. Load times on the home page are too long right now and we’ll have a solution for that in the coming days. We beg your patience and understanding as we move forward with this next phase of CBR!

We’ve actually been working on this redesign for about two months now and the primary reason behind this change was to present more information on the home page. The old home page was designed back in early 2008 when CBR had one blog and we published 5-8 stories a day. Here we are in June, 2011 and now we have three active blogs (and a fourth one, this one, that’s a bit less active), publish about 20 stories a day, 5+ reviews and 5+ previews daily. That’s a lot of content and we needed to find a better way to show it to our readers.

Thanks again for your continued support and as I have updates on our progress I’ll post them here. Thanks again and more details to come.


Jonah Weiland, @jonahweiland
Executive Producer, ComicBookResources.com

UPDATE: After talking with Chrome users who’ve experienced problems with the new home page, we’ve found that a force refresh generally doesn’t do the trick and a clearing of cache does. So, if you’re still having issues in Chrome, try that.

Also, we’ve received a number of reports from IE users about blue background with red type on the home page, which absolutely shouldn’t be that way. If you’re an IE user on XP and things are looking fine, let us know. This may be a browser compatibility issue and we’re looking in to this.

Marvel’s Heroes celebrate the NBA Champion…Miami Heat?

Those of you that are more sports inclined know full well that this year’s NBA Champions are the Dallas Mavericks, who dispatched the Miami Heat in six games (it really wasn’t even that close). It was a stunning upset for a team that was expected to go all-the-way when they added Chris Bosh and LeBron James along side superstar Dwayne Wade to the team last off-season, but Dirk Nowitzki, Jason Kidd and the gang proved too damn strong for them and, well, basically ruined their summer vacation. Marvel’s not making the Heat’s break any easier.

Farhan Abdullah was browsing a Miami area WalMart today and snapped this pic of a piece of merchandise that was probably meant to be sent to a third-world country, not the show room floor.

Marvel Congratulates the Miami Heat!

Sorry, Hulk — you backed the wrong team.

Thanks to Farhan for letting us reprint his photo and to Kate Stanton for the bringing it to our attention!

Thor’s Jaimie Alexander and Craig Kyle sign at Golden Apple

Signing happening now. Good turn out. Lots of folks taking lunch off to meet these two.

Bolivian Batman? Spidey Hanging with Che?

Our good buddy and CBR video director Lincoln Morrison is down in Bolivia shooting a feature and wandered through an outdoor market the other day. While he was shopping, he was surprised to see some American comics characters for sale in one stall. First up, are two blankets which may or may not be officially licensed.

Bolivian Batman

Really not so weird or bizarre other than knowing Batman & Spider-Man register in a Bolivian market in the middle of no where, but this next picture paints an entirely different picture.

Spidey + Che = Good Times?

That’s a clearly NOT licensed Spider-Man backpack … excuse me, El Hombre Arana backpack (I love that it gives itself four stars!) next to “stylish” Che Guevara backpacks. This may be the only place in the world where you’ll see Spidey merchandise sold alongside Che.

I’ve been telling people for years that comics and comics characters are driving pop culture and here’s proof of that fact — even in Bolivia!

Cool Comics Swag – Marijuanaman Match Books

Quite appropriately, Ziggy Marley’s “Marijuanaman” graphic novel from Image Comics sees release on April 20th, 2011, or 420 as it’s known to the more “bud” inclined. There’s a fun event going on at Golden Apple Comics in Los Angeles with Ziggy, Joe Casey & Jim Mahfood that day and part of the promotion includes these very appropriate and very cool Marijuanaman match books! There’s only one other product I can think of that would be more appropriate, but you’d need a special medical license to buy it — who knows, maybe they’ve already set that up! Anyway you look at it, these match books are a great promotional item. Nicely done!

Marijuanaman Matchbooks

Thundercats, hoooooooo!

Writer/Producer Michael Jelenic and voice thespian Larry Kenney, the voice of the original Lion-O, bring the thunder to the CBR Tiki Room.

Bring Out The Dead To The CBR Tiki Room

The Walking Dead that is. Robert Kirkman joins Jonah Weiland to talk zombies, LA and beards.

“Breaking In’s” Christian Slater & Alphonso McAuley in the CBR Tiki Room

Great fun. Interviewed a bunch of cast from the new Fox comedy “Breaking In” (April 6th at 9:30 PM). The outtakes are great!

Sharing Stories In The CBR Tiki Room

Storyteller Nate Cosby talks his time at Marvel and his upcoming work at Archaia & Image.

A Cowboy? An alien?

Or is it Jon Favreau and Bob Orci in the CBR Tiki Room?

The view from the CBR Tiki Room

Saturday has been busyyyyyy! This is one row of artists alley.

In Emeraldest Knight?

Voice director Andrea Romano and actor Wade Williams (Deegan) take a break from patrolling Sector 2814 at the CBR Tiki Room

In Brightest Day…

Executive producer Bruce Timm and co-producer/writer Alan Burnett make the trek from Oa to the CBR Tiki Room to talk about all things Green Lantern: Emerald Knights.

The CBR Tiki Room Is In Full Bloom… County

Berkeley Breathed joins Jonah Weiland in the CBR Tiki Room where, while there is no penguins, there are parrots and flamingos.

Artful Amy Reeder In The CBR Tiki Room

Kiel Phegley takes the helm from Jonah Weiland as CBR TV sits down with Amy Reeder to talk about Batwoman, drawing horses and figuring out how to seige a castle.

Adventure In The CBR Tiki Room!

Legion and Adventure Comics writer Paul Levitz visits the CBR Tiki Room.

Hope Larson in the CBR Tiki Room!

Kiel Phegley handling the interviewing duties.

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