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Where The Hell Is Jason Aaron?

Why the CBR Tiki Room of course!

Our First Guest Arrives

Francis Manapul stops by to talk with Jonah Weiland and be our first visitor to the CBR Tiki Room!

The CBR Tiki Room at WonderCon – it’s ready!

Full weekend of interviews ahead. Let the fun begin.

CBR Welcomes you to Emerald City Comicon

At the entrance to the con. Good luck to the Demonakos brothers and their crew this weekend.


About to go in to watch the movie!

Bruce Timm talks ALL STAR SUPERMAN

Bruce Timm talking with CBR about ALL STAR SUPERMAN at the Paley Center in Los Angeles.

Jimmy Olsen from ALL STAR SUPERMAN

Matthew Gray Gubler AKA Jimmy Olsen at the ALL STAR SUPERMAN premier at Los Angeles’ Paley Center.

James Denton AKA Superman

James Denton being interviewed by CBR’s Josie Campbell at the ALL STAR SUPERMAN event at the Paley Center in Los Angeles.

The Press Line at the All Star Superman LA Premiere

The press is here at the All Star Superman premiere at the Paley Center in Los Angeles. That’s legendary dialogue director Andrea Romano. You can see writer Dwayne McDuffie in the background.

NHL’s LA Kings + Super Heroes + Tattoo = ?

One might not think comics and the rough and tumble game of professional hockey would be a good match, but think again. Last year, Stan Lee and the National Hockey League announced that Lee would create 30 superheroes for NHL teams. Of course, the comics connections don’t end there – at one point “Spawn” creator Todd McFarlane was co-owner of the NHL’s Edmonton Oilers. There are, in fact, numerous examples of hockey and comics colliding. Here’s one more.

The Los Angeles Kings are holding a tattoo contest encouraging fans of the team to show off their King’s themed ink to win up to $1000. Friend of CBR Kristina Morgan took up the challenge and submitted the following entry – a superhero themed Kings player called “Super Kings Girl.” Original artwork by Robert Ullman, tattoo by Graham Chaffee at Purple Panther Tattoo, photo taken by John Weiss. Have a look! Good luck , Kristina – you have our vote for the most impressive hockey themed tattoo we’ve ever seen!

Super Hockey Girl

Check out the icon for Ron Marz’s SHELF LIFE

Finally, the icon for Ron Marz’s new CBR column SHELF LIFE is here! Done by the incredible Mr. Hicks, as usual. And while you’re here, read Ron’s last SHELF LIFE column published every other week on CBR!

Shelf Life

Marc Silvestri has arrived at Golden Apple

The lines goes way down the block!

Rob, Jim and Todd at Golden Apple!

The Image gang is mostly all here!

The Spawn 200 signing has begun

And Jim Lee is here, too!

Spawn has shown up to the Spawn event at Golden Apple

Michael Jai White just arrived at the Golden Apple!

Todd McFarlane interviewing Stan Lee Part 2

Great conversation about the art form!

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