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August, 2010 was Baby Month at CBR!

So, we had something of a trifecta in the month of August, 2010 here on CBR – three of our staffers welcomed a new addition to their family! It began early in August with Staff Writer Jeffrey Renaud who welcomed the third addition to his family, little Henry Campbell Renaud. Is it OK if I call him Hank?

That was followed a few short weeks later by a new arrival for CBR’s lead developer Frank Beaton and his wife, Beatrice Martha Beaton, their first! Here’s a look – everyone get ready to saw Awwwwwww!


And finally, Senior Editor Stephen Gerding’s wife gave birth to Keira Lan Chin Gerding, just in the nick of time as August was about to turn in to September! This is their second child. Again, get ready to say Awwwwww!


Congratulations to Jeffrey, Frank and Stephen and their respective families. All of us here at CBR are incredibly happy and excited for you.

Marc Guggenheim on the CBR Yacht

Here’s Marc and I on the CBR yacht during Comic-Con International in San Diego, following the completion of our interview. Good times.

Marc Guggenheim & Jonah Weiland

Kurt Busiek on the CBR Yacht!

Since we just posted my interview with Kurt Busiek, I figured I’d share his photo of he and I on the yacht.

Ewoks go nuts on TODAY show

Live television can be very, very weird sometimes. Especially when Ewoks and Vodka are put together.

Golden Apple Awaits Jonathan Hickman!


A (Phone Cam) Look at IDW The First Decade

Ted Adams over at IDW sent this amazing coffee table book to the CBR offices earlier this week and I figured we should give you a look at what they put together.

Here it is, sitting on the CBR coffee table.



Sam Humphries stopped by earlier today and when he looked at it he said, “This has Scott Dunbier’s fingerprints all over it.” Scott, an editor at IDW and formerly with Wildstorm, is known for his work on beautifully packaged hard covers and the like. I mentioned this to Scott later in the day and he said this whole thing was Ted’s idea and that he was very jealous of the clam-shell design of the case that holds three books inside – a sampler comic, a lengthy retrospective of the first 10 years of IDW simply called “IDW: The First Decade” and a book collecting all the covers IDW has published from January 2001 through December 2008. The two books themselves sit inside padded box.



Check out this crazy fold out poster inside the “First Decade” book. This one features “Zombies: Fast” art by Chris Bolton. This isn’t the only poster in the book.


And finally a look at the two books open. Gorgeous, high quality stuff.


If you’ve been following IDW over the last 10 years, then this is a must have book for you, sharing behind-the-scenes stories and more about the publishing company from its humble beginnings to today.

Eric Shanower @ LA Times FoB


Here’s “Age of Bronze” and “Oz” expert Eric Shanower Sunday at the LA Times Festival of Books.

Keatinge & Starkings @ LA Times FoB


Image Comics Marketing Dude Joe Keatinge and “Elephantmen”/Comicraft’s Richard Starkings at the LA Times Festival of Books, Sunday April 26th, 2009.

The Truth According to Itunes

Was sitting here buying an episode of “Lost” for the Apple TV, when I decided to see what the most popular purchases were according to iTunes.  Tonight, the “Watchmen” motion-comic was sitting in the #2 position in the Top TV Shows category, a pretty good accomplishment in my book.  But who was #1 you ask?  “America’s Next Top Model.”  I’m not quite sure what that says exactly.

Jonah talks “Watchmen” on KFI Friday 7:30 AM

Jonah Weiland here.  Friday morning I’ll be a guest on the Bill Handel show, the morning program on Los Angeles talk radio power house KFI AM 640. You can tune it to 640 on your AM dial, or stream the show via their Web site.

This has become something of a regular occurrence for me. Pretty much every time there’s a graphic novel or comic that’s been made into a major theatrical release, Handel has me on as a guest to discuss the film and put it all into the proper context. It’s always great fun, too, and brings me back to my radio roots. From the age of 16 to about 28 I worked full time in radio, my last job being Executive Producer of the Phil Hendrie show on KFI. So being on with Handel brings back those memories.

Also, I expect Handel to call me a nerd or a geek within the first five minutes of the interview. I can’t wait!

Waid visits the CBR Studio, but why the blurry cover?

Mark Waid recently stopped by the CBR studio to discuss a couple of new projects he’s working on … why is that cover above interviewer Jonah Weiland blurred out? TOP SECRET, yo! And shaky camera phone photo sweetness by Dan Evans III.


Glen “Jersey Gods” Brunswick in the CBR Studio

Glen Brunswick, author of “The Gray Area,” “Killing Joke” and the upcoming “Jersey Gods” with Comic Book Idol contestant Dan McDaid, in the CBR Studio. Once again, hot camera phone action by Dan Evans III.


Steve Niles in the CBR Studio

Steve Niles prior to his interview starting in the CBR Studio. Shaky camera phone photo by Mr. Dan Evans!


Radical’s Barry Levine in the CBR Studio

Quick shot of Radical Comics Publisher Barry Levine prior to the interview we did last week, plus a blurry Jonah Weiland (Jonah looks like that when he’s drunk).  Coming soon to CBR TV. Camera phone magic by Dan Evans III.


Take On This

Comic fans either love or hate the classic A-Ha video for “Take on Me.”  Well, here’s a more literal version of the video comic fans may enjoy better.

Thanks to Shaun Manning for the link.


CBR in the News

CBR’s Executive Producer Jonah Weiland did an interview with ABC News about Comic-Con the other day. The actually quoted him mostly right, which ain’t too bad, and didn’t portray Comic-Con or its attendees in a negative light, so smiles all around.

Thank you ABC News for the traffic bump!

Comics Universe Fountain Valley CA

Comics Universe, Fountain Valley, CA
The store crew confers while free pizza reigns.


Comics Universe, Fountain valley CA

Comics Universe in Fountain Valley, CA with free pizza and soda!!!


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