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IDW Locke & Key

Joe Hill and Chris Ryall discuss Locke & Key. The harcover of “Head Games” is coming in September.


Rage kitty

Dex-Star was a big hit at the DC Nation panel. Dan Didio had him up at the podium for most of it. Now people are offering me money for it!



A new JSA book, JSA All Stars will be written by Matt Sturges with art by Freddie Williams.


The man from mars

The DC Blammoids are on display. They’re a lot larger than I thought they’d be. And a lot cuter.


Hurley looks Lost

Just spotted Jorge Garcia walking artists alley. I said hello and got dissed HARD.

The lady and the tiger

Ok I was wrong, it was a tiger. Even better.


The colorful Blackest Night

Alex Sinclair sketching me with a lion. Awesome.


Google celebrates SDCC

Haven’t visited google yet today? Check out the finished version of Jim Lee’s art on the main page.


My precious!


Hall H Part 2

The last people on line for Hall H. Hey, at least they’re prepaired.


Hall H

The first person on line for Hall H…since yesterday.


The key to my heart…

Got my hands on a limited edition Locke & Key…um…key. From IDW!



There’s some dead guys at SDCC. How weird.


Zuda represents!

High Moon’s David Gallaher loves web comics. Who would’ve thought? Volume 1 of HM comes out October 13th.



Sunday at the MoCCA festival in NYC.


Get ‘em while they’re young!

Steve from Little Shop of Comics created a guide to help parents choose comics for their kids. What a fantastic idea! More shops should think about this.


Little Shop of Comics

Scotch Plains, NJ shop owner Steven Olsen had a line waiting for him when he opened up for FCBD.


Kiss My Kryptonite

Superman felt the need to overcompensate because of his inability to get drunk.


Joker face at the workplace

Is my office cool or what?


Who watches the chalk art?

The Watchmen mural is done and it’s as cool as you’d think. By Eric Maruscak.


Recent Comments

  • John: Thanks for taking the time to stop by Ethan’s table, much appreciated.
  • Paul: That shop must be in Australia.
  • Debra Lyons: I just found 2 of the Marvel Mania Beeker shot glasses in an old box. Wonder if they are worth anything?...
  • Rob: I normally don’t listen to KFI on Saturday afternoons, but I happened to today and heard part of your...
  • Jerry Jonez: This is awesome news! Looking forward to listening. I’m a regular KFI listner. And you’ll be...
  • Eric Lee: I still have never gone to Marvel Mania. I remember as a kid seeing it being under construction. Flash...
  • Dimo1: Looks like Bart Sears Spider-Man in the second pic.
  • Ev: Marvel should open this now. It could rival McD’s now that they are such mainstream darlings!
  • Andrew: That fill-in’s the SIlver Surfer.
  • Mike: Cover is Lim and Koblish, I think first 3 pages are Ringo, 4 and 6 are Chuck Wojtkiewicz, and 5 is Steven...

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