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FCBD 2011 in the South Bay

We’re still playing catch-up with more FCBD photos. Here’s a few snap-shots from various stores in and around San Jose, CA/ South Bay Area: Hijinx Comics, Black Cat Comics, Heroes, and Illusive Comics & Games. Illusive being the store in which writer James Robinson came to sign comics and chop it up with fans.

Winding down FCBD

Black Cat Comics in Milpitas, CA

FCBD in Campbell, CA

A youngster discovering Irredeemable at Heroes in Campbell

Free Comic Book Day in the South Bay Area

Mick Gray signing at Hijinx Comics in San Jose, CA

Street Fighter II

Got $700 to burn?

Last day at WonderCon

The Moscone Center’s exhibit floor.

Live from the Isotope

Jonah Hex drink menu

A little after con reading

A few con goers catching up on some reading before the big Cooke/ Connor/ Palmiotti party at Isotope.

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A little something to do after WonderCon today at the Embarcadero / Justin Herman Plaza at 6:30

On the eve of WonderCon

A beautiful day in the South Bay Area.

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