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Mission: Comics and Art and Face Paint.

Down in San Francisco’s Mission District at Mission: Comics and Art, Neysa was spreading some Free Comic Book Day cheer by way of a little face painting. Comics reader Chantal wanted Finn drawn on her cheek, and was stoked with the results.

Nick Dragotta @ Isotope Comics.

Also at Isotope today, “East of West” artist Nick Dragotta taking the reigns as “Shop Boy” at James Sime’s Hayes Valley neighborhood store.

Never Too Young For Comics.

10 year old comics rock star Ethan Castillo from San Jose, CA doing a signing and sketches for Free Comic Book Day patrons at Isotope Comics.

All Smiles at Comix Experience.

In San Francisco’s Lower Haight neighborhood, readers Amélie and Chris lookin’ happy to browse through the stacks.

Isotope’s “Security Staff”

A selfie with Isotope’s FCBD “security staff.”

Isotope’s “Shop Boy”

photo54Isotope proprietor James Sime with his FCBD “Shop Boy”–J.H. Williams III.

Never Too Young To Start

Comics wunderkind Aidan Hernacki doing sketches today at Isotope.

FCBD at Isotope

Plenty of free swag still up for grabs at Isotope!

Comics and Grooves

DJ Bearzbub supplying the tunes at Isotope Comics.

Repping The Bat

Diego getting his face painted with the Bat-symbol thanks to Clementine at Mission Comics.

Sketch Time

Mission Comics hosting local comic artists Amin Amat and Kati Prescott.

Wield The Shield

San Francisco’s Mission Comics shop owner Leef Smith getting in on the fun with the store’s Captain America photo contest. (Winner gets that Cap omnibus over his shoulder)

A Slight Detour…

Just a few blocks away from San Francisco’s Mission Comics is Mark Bode, Stan 153, and Cuba’s tribute to Moebius in the city’s famed Clarion Alley. The mural has been up for nearly two whole years, and actually extended to the next quadrant over. The other part of the piece was painted over to make space for another mural.


What Could Be Better Than Comics?

Nobu and his mom Susie very happy with their FCBD haul at Comix Experience.


A couple youngsters leafing through this year’s FCBD selections at San Francisco’s Comix Experience.

FCBD at Comix Experience

Doug manning the register at Comix Experience in San Francisco.

FCBD 2011 in the South Bay

We’re still playing catch-up with more FCBD photos. Here’s a few snap-shots from various stores in and around San Jose, CA/ South Bay Area: Hijinx Comics, Black Cat Comics, Heroes, and Illusive Comics & Games. Illusive being the store in which writer James Robinson came to sign comics and chop it up with fans.

Winding down FCBD

Black Cat Comics in Milpitas, CA

FCBD in Campbell, CA

A youngster discovering Irredeemable at Heroes in Campbell

Free Comic Book Day in the South Bay Area

Mick Gray signing at Hijinx Comics in San Jose, CA

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