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The Dark Knight Knails? Err, nails!

Let’s make this plainly clear, I’m a guy. Fairly typical in most ways, especially when it comes to noticing those things women do that they’d like us to notice but don’t. Stuff like new hair styles, new shoes, painted finger or toe nails. Stuff like that. Guys just don’t generally have that on their radar.

BUT, when one of those things is merged with something geek-tastic, well, men start to notice. This happened the other day when I was scrolling through wall posts on my Facebook page and my friend Teaa Bradley posted this picture last Friday.

She dressed up her nails for a screening of “The Dark Knight Rises!” Very nice, Teaa!

Packing for Comic-Con

This is about half of what we’ll take down to San Diego on Monday. Tomorrow’s our big packing day! Only 6 days to Comic-Con!

The Avengers & Clippers at LA Live

There’s only one thing that could get me to miss FCBD today and it’s LA Clippers Playoff Basketball! Here are the Avengers at LA Live across from Staples Center. Someone should have set up an FCBD booth down here.

Phegley interviews 1/2 of Man of Action at Wondercon

Steven Seagle and Joe Kelly in the CBR Tiki Room.

The CBR Spidey helping during our WonderCon shoot

The famous CBR paper Mâché Spidey from TJ hangs from the ceiling in the CBR Tiki Room at WonderCon.

The CBR Tiki Room is coming together!

Opens Friday at WonderCon in Anaheim!

Is Hamlet ripping off Marvel? Srsly!

This weekend I stopped by a friend’s home for dinner. She just came back from London and was raving about seeing the latest production of HAMLET starring Michael Sheen at the Young Vic. Having read loads of Shakespeare back in High School, she knew I’d find the interpretation fascinating, but when she handed me the playbill for the production I was suddenly interested for another reason entirely.

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Getting Ready for the DC Comics New 52 Wrap Party

So we’re getting ready for the DC Comics New 52 Wrap Party in Los Angeles Friday night, co-hosted by CBR & Golden Apple Comics. Follow the link for all the details! Today I’ve spent my afternoon printing out 13×19 poster sized versions of comic covers and artwork from books that will be represented at Friday night. Here they all are, side-by-side.

All of these posters will be mounted on foam core and we’ll have them around the studio tomorrow night when we’re filming our video interviews.

DC Comics

Gotta say, I love that Epson Stylus Photo R1900 printer — if you’re looking for a large format color printer with amazing quality, this is the one for you.

Again, that party is Friday, September 30th at Golden Apple Comics in Hollywood — be sure to stop by!

CCI: “Torchwood’s” John Barrowman on the CBR Yacht!

We finish off our first week of photos from the CBR Yacht 2011 edition at Comic-Con International in San Diego with a photo of me with “Torchwood” star John Barrowman. When we get the video interview online, I’ll have to share with you the full story behind this interview as some stuff went on behind the scenes that was really fun. What an incredible guest and very generous guy. Pleasure meeting John who, BTW, is also a comics creator, having written a “Torchwood” comic with his sister, illustrated by Tommy Lee Edwards! So, he gets bonus points for being a comic creator, too!

Jonah Weiland & John Barrowman

[NOTE TO SELF: Stop being so squinty eyed in every photo you take! Seriously, dude, get it together!]

CCI: Joe Hill on the CBR Yacht!

Day Quatro of the CBR Yacht/Comic-Con International photos is here and this time we have at “Locke & Key” co-creator Joe Hill! The video interview will be online shortly, but this is another comic creator I’ve never had the pleasure of interviewing and it was a real treat. Fascinating writer and a great interview subject. Honestly, this is just one example of the reason why I do these video interviews at conventions — it gives me an opportunity to talk with some of the most interesting, creative people in the world and that’s no exaggeration.

Joe Hill & Jonah Weiland

CCI: Jill Thompson on the CBR Yacht!

Day three of the Comic-Con International/CBR Yacht photo roll out continues and this time it’s one of my favorite illustrators in comics, Jill Thompson! Don’t miss my full interview with Jill Thompson on CBR’s Video hub.

Jill Thompson & Jonah Weiland

CCI: Mike Allred on the CBR Yacht!

Alright, we continue rolling out photos of guests who made it out to the CBR Yacht during Comic-Con International in San Diego. Next up it’s me with Madman creator Mike Allred! This was the first time I’ve interviewed the guy — in print or on camera! Real pleasure and easily one of the most confident creators I’ve ever met. We’ll have the video interview up shortly.

Mike Allred & Jonah Weiland

CCI: Jim Lee on the CBR Yacht!

Hey folks,

It’s time we started rolling out some photos of guests who came out to the CBR Yacht during Comic-Con International in San Diego! 2011 was our biggest year ever — the site saw it’s best convention traffic ever, we had our largest team of reporters and support staff ever and had more guests out to the yacht than ever before (I BELIEVE the count is 45, but I had to double check that). It certainly was the busiest convention I remember in recent memory — oh, and we won’t a little Eisner award (thanks!), too! It certainly ranks up there as one of the best Comic-Con’s I’ve been to in 19 years and I hope they just keep getting better.

One thing we were much more diligent about this year compared to years past is documenting all the guests that came out to the yacht. So, once a day until we’re out of photos I’m going to share a photo with you of one of our wonderful guests. First up, since we’re running his interview today, is DC Comics Co-Publisher and artist on Justice League Jim Lee, who was interview by CBR News Editor Kiel Phegley. More photos tomorrow — every day for some time — at 3:00 PM Pacific.


Jonah Weiland
Executive Producer, Comic Book Resources

Jim Lee & Kiel Phegley

Buffy wines at Golden Apple

A Buffy signing Jane Espenso and Georges Jeanty is about to go off at Golden Apple in Hollywood and here’s a look at the custom bottle of wine they made for the occasion.

I have been chosen! The Green Lantern ring has arrived!

Received a fun bit of movie marketing in the mail today. It appears that I have been selected as the new Green Lantern of sector 2814 — take that, Hal Jordan!

Sitting on my desk as I entered my office today was a box from Warner Bros. I opened it up to find a bunch of green tissue paper — clearly we’re talking Green Lantern now.

When I opened the box, I found a DVD and a lovely little ring box. The DVD just had the latest trailer, but the real prize was inside the ring box — at first I thought, “Wow, Warner Bros. is asking me to marry them. I’m not sure I’m ready for a commitment.” But once I got over my commitment phobia, I opened the box to find the precious, err, the ring inside!

The ring is illuminated by a green LED, which really adds to the effect. The ring itself has a metal band with an emerald green plastic in the familiar Green Lantern shape. Even outside the LED, the “crystal” has a nice bit of glow to it. And on the inside is inscribed the name of the movie and the release date.

Also on the inscription it says, “Jonah, you are awesome and we want you in the Corps. Bad! Please, help us defend the galaxy! It’ll be awesome!” But no one else in the office today seems to be able to see that same inscription. Clearly it’s because the ring chose me!

Seriously, fun little bit of movie marketing. Thanks, WB!

Viagra Man? Please say it ain’t so.

I’ve seen super hero style imagery used to promote any number of items over the years and with the rise of super heroes in popular culture, we’ve seen much more of it recently. Some of it good, most of it embarrassing.

This past weekend I found myself in Ensenada, Mexico and as I walked down a street in their down town I passed this pharmacy who found a unique way to promote one of the many drugs they sell. Is this Viagra Man’s Fortress of Solidness? His Boner Cave? The Wang Watchtower?

I apologize for inflicting those horridly cliched jokes on you, but I think you can understand knowing I had to experience this bit of advertising.

Ladies & Gentlemen, the BatMacTruck!

A couple of weeks back I posted some photos our good friend and CBR Video director Lincoln Morrison sent us from his trip to Bolivia. While those were some fun examples of knock off comics merchandise, this latest batch of photos is even better. As Lincoln was making his way around the country, he passed by this DC Comics inspired truck and took some quick shots for us to share with you. We’ve all heard of the Batmobile, but this BatMackTruck is something entirely new to me! Love it!

Batman, keep rollin’, rollin’, rollin’ …

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