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Super Dinosaur RAWR!

So Awesome! Super Dinosaur was just unveiled at Golden Apple Comics, Hollywood! That thing looks HOT! (In every sense of the word!)

Keeping Spirits High

Nice costume. Too bad yer movie kinda wasn’t of the good. At Golden Apple Comics, Hollywood.

SUPER DINOSAUR’S Robert Kirkman & Jason Howard

Signing now at Golden Apple Comics, Hollywood.

Playing Games

The line for the Robert Kirkman signing is so long, these two are entertaining themselves with some gaming. Golden Apple Comics, Hollywood.

Lovely Ladies of Comics

Golden Apple Comics, Los Angeles.

More Jim McCann

At DJ’s Universal Comics, Studio City, CA.

FCBD: Sneak A Peak at Robert Kirkman’s Super Dinosaur!

Saturday at Golden Apple Comics in Hollywood, Robert Kirkman will unveil the life sized Super Dinosaur! What a way to celebrate Free Comic Book Day! Here’s a sneak peak of what the costume looks like. Robert will sign with series artist Jason Howard from 2:00 – 4:00 in the afternoon. For more on “Super Dinosaur,” don’t miss our interview with Kirkman.

Thor’s Alexander and Kyle at Golden Apple

I forgot I took this photo the other day while THOR Producer Craig Kyle and Jaimie Alexander (who plays Sif in the film) were signing at Golden Apple in Hollywood. Good times.

FEAR ITSELF: Advanced Screening Variant

After being out of the office for more than a week due to WonderCon travels and what not, we came home to a mail box full of comp copies, publicity requests and bills.  Amongst all of that was one very special comic — the “Fear Itself: Advanced Screening Variant” #1!  This special, very limited edition of the first issue of Marvel’s next big cross-over (which launches April 6th, yo!) includes a personalized and signed letter from series writer Matt Fraction.  We’ve scanned the cover and letter printed on the inside front cover for all of you to share in as well.

Want to know what CBR thought of the issue?  Check out the CBR Review of “Fear Itself” right now!

Has Banksy hit the office building CBR is in? [UPDATED]

Has graffiti artist/political activist/painter Banksy hit the building CBR’s offices are in? It’s possible.

LAist has been publishing photos taken of street art that popped up overnight throughout Los Angeles with at least four of the five pieces confirmed via Banksy’s official site. A fifth piece believed to be the work of Banksy appeared outside the building that houses the CBR home office at 7024 Melrose Ave., the corner of Melrose & La Brea in Hollywood. Here’s two photos of the piece picturing a little girl in a pink dress holding a mallet that’s been posted between the windows outside Golden Apple Comics. Click the images below to make with the big.

Banksy Close Up Banksy Wall

While it’s still not confirmed whether this is a Banksy piece, it makes sense that the artist would choose this building as his canvas. For one, 7024 Melrose Ave. is something of an epicenter for pop culture in Hollywood, home to both Golden Apple Comics and Gallery 1988, a fantastic pop-culture art gallery. The building is also located at the eastern edge of a shopping district popular with tourists in Hollywood (the legendary Pinks hot dog stand is across the street). And finally, Banksy has been in the area before – in 2006 an image of a rat with a paintbrush and the phrase “I’m out of bed and dressed – what more do you want?” popped up on a building just two blocks from this location (it’s since been removed).

Lots of people have been stopping by the Apple to check out the piece. If you’re in the area, stop by, take a picture with it, then pop inside the store and buy some comics. It is New Comics Wednesday, ya know!

UPDATE: Aaron posted in our comments below that the piece of art is not by Banksy, but by LA’s own stencil artist Dog Byte. MELROSEandFAIRFAX has more details about the piece and the artist. It doesn’t matter who it’s by, it’s still damn cool and we want more!

Batman Live Ad as seen on London Tube

Saw this ad for “Batman Live” as I was traveling around London today.

And yes, I was tempted to rip it off the wall and run with it, but, ya know, I didn’t want to get thrown in to British jail and be forced to eat haggis for the remainder of my days.

The Most Bizarre Piece of Mail Ever Received at CBR (NSFW)

Here at the Comic Book Resources global headquarters in Los Angeles, California, we get a lot of mail.

A lot.

Most of it is comp comics. Some good, lots of bad, mostly looking for reviews or feedback of some sort. We get some fan letters occasionally, which is always quaint in this very digital world. We get some fun promotional items, like the recently arrived The Walking Dead Press Kit. Video games, a CD or vinyl disc here or there (yeah, our “Marvel Vs. Capcom 2” vinyl is prominently displayed in the office, as is the “Watchmen” vinyl). We get lots of mail.

Occasionally, we get some letters of a more unexpected variety. Some are from inmates, but those are usually very nice, asking for details on how they can subscribe to a particular comic. One guy asked if we could write back with suggestions on how to open a comics shop once he got out of prison. I was tempted to write back, “Don’t – crime pays better than comics,” but that’s certainly not helpful.

I’ve had letters written by young adults basically asking us to do the research for some school assignment for them, Those always crack me up.

Sometimes we get odd, generic letters meant for Marvel or Top Cow or some other publisher. Not sure what that’s about.

The other day I was going through a pile of papers in my home office and came upon a piece of mail I got a while back, maybe three or four years ago, that I couldn’t in good conscience throw away. It’s easily the most disturbing and unique piece of mail we’ve ever received here at CBR. I’m really glad I rediscovered this and am able to share this with you because, well, it’s just not something one can live with alone. It must be shared. And note, this is likely Not Safe For Work for most of you.

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One of the Best Personalized License Plates

Driving around Los Angeles, you really never know what you’re going to see. One day you may see an example of road rage that shocks you, while the next day you may pull up next to some big name celebrity. It’s always an adventure on the freeways and byways of Los Angeles. You also see a disproportionate number of personalized plates — yeah, we like ‘em out here. I admit, at one point I even had one. It said (this is so embarassing) — “LA CLIPR” — of course, I was not a member of the NBA’s perennial cellar dweller, but it was my way of showing support for my (then) favorite team.

Yesterday while driving the streets of the City of Angels, I came to a stop and what did I see in front of me but this beautiful example of a personalized license plate. I’ve no idea who this is, but clearly they’re a DC fan.

Icon for Jason Aaron’s WHERE THE HELL AM I

Gotta say, Chris Hicks really nailed it with his latest column icon for CBR. He took a picture of Jason Aaron and turned out this for the new column WHERE THE HELL AM I? Again, Chris does an amazing job. Check this out!


Don’t forget, Jason’s first column goes up on September 8th, 2010.

Jason Aaron’s WHERE THE HELL AM I launches 9/8/10

In case you missed it, during Comic-Con International in San Diego we here at CBR announced a new column is joining our ranks, WHERE THE HELL AM I by writer Jason Aaron. I’m truly very excited about Jason joining our staff. He’s one of the most compelling writers in comics today, penning the critically acclaimed “Scalped” at Vertigo as well as “Wolverine” and a host of other books at Marvel. He did stuff with Ghost Rider that, for the first time, got me interested in the character. And now he’s writing a column on CBR telling his story, and it’s a doozy!

He’s handed in his first column and, truth-be-told, it was supposed to launch today. I’ve asked Jason if he wouldn’t mind much if we delayed it’s launch by a week so that we can give it the proper send off, which he agreed to. So, next Wednesday, 9/8/10, we’ll publish the first edition of WHERE THE HELL AM I on CBR, but to whet your appetite a bit this Friday I’ll post the icon artist Chris Hicks created for the column here on this blog. It’s fun and definitely captures the spirit of what WHERE THE HELL AM I will be.

Mark your calendars, folks! It’s gonna be fun!

Jim Lee on the CBR Yacht

Here’s Jim and I at Comic-Con International in San Diego last month. Don’t miss the video interview, which can be found right here.

Jim Lee & Jonah Weiland

Some Good, Some Not So Good Comics Merch

Last May I took an eight day vacation and visited Paris and Amsterdam. I’d never been to either city before and was looking forward to some time away from work, life, comics … basically all those things you go on vacation for.

But as comics are (and have been for some time) powering pop culture in so many ways, it’s really impossible to get away from comics. They’re everywhere! Whether it’s a poster for the next comics based film release, promos for comic based TV shows or licensed merchandise found anywhere from a major department store to 7-11, comics really can be found in every corner of the world these days. My trip to Europe was no exception. Without even trying, I bumped in to comics stuff everywhere I went.

On my final day in Amsterdam it was time to do some shopping. I went around town, popping in and out of shops, looking for stuff to buy for myself or presents for friends back home. While I actually had very limited success on that front, I did find these pieces at one store I popped in to which I forgot I had taken photos of until now.

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Kiel Phegley with Bryan Lee O’Malley on the CBR Yacht

Love this photo of CBR News Editor Kiel Phegley with Bryan Lee O’Malley on the CBR Yacht during Comic-Con. We’ll have this video up soon! Also, uhh, why is Kevin Mahadeo showing off his muscles in the lower right hand corner of this photo?

Ross & Edwards go South of the Border

Because if you see sombrero’s lying around, you naturally have to put them on. Tommy Lee Edwards and Jonathan Ross don the hats for the cameras. Wait until you see this video interview — Jonathan Ross tells a story about pig oiling with Neil Gaiman that is not to be missed.

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