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Ziggy Marley!

Had a great time with Ziggy Marley on the yacht Saturday morning.

“Hey mahhhhnnnn!”

ModNation Racers, CBR Style!

CBR’s Remy Minnick, who produces a lot of the CBR TV and CBR Boat Show interviews we do, is a big fan of “ModNation Racers” on the PS3. Since you can design your on kart and driver, Remy got to work on making a driver who looked a bit like him. He wanted his character to be wearing a comic book shirt of some sort but quickly discovered he wasn’t quite about to make what he wanted with the tools provided in the game, so instead he worked up the following. Gotta say, I’m pretty impressed none-the-less and greatly encourage this sort of behavior!

Kids Day At Golden Apple

Fraggle Rock artist Jeff Stokely sketches for the kids during Kids Day at Golden Apple, thanks to the dudes at Archaia.

— Jonah Weiland — Sent from my iPhone

Golden Apple Celebrates Cinco De Drunko!

This is what happens when store co-owner Ryan Liebowitz goes on vacation. You’d think his mother Sharon (pictured) would be able to keep everyone under control!

Tequila Friday @ CBR?

One of CBR’s long term publishing partners sent over a very nice care package today. See, they know of my love for tequila and what better way to say thank you than with agave nectar and some gorgeous shot glasses. While they wished to remain anonymous, I couldn’t help but share the photos below.

Now to go get some limes and salt. Who’s down for a shot tonight?

Hockey and Comics

In a display window at Staples Center in Los Angeles is a bunch of antique hockey gear, including two golden age comics. Nice to see someone at Staples/LA Kings is a comics fan!

Seen In Illinois

Fan Boy 1 has landed.

Jim Lee in CBR’s Chicago Studio

Photo by Seth Sherwood.

The Massive CBR banner at C2E2

Took this shot after hours last night of the massive 8′ tall by 40′ wide CBR banner on the show floor at C2E2! Stephen Gerding did a great job on the design and GP Color in LA handled production. Nice job, guys!

— Jonah Weiland — Sent from my iPhone

Peter David reads The Little Mermaid

Peter David is reading an 8 page story he wrote based on The Little Mermaid in a Fractured Fairy Tales style to everyone at Golden Apple. This story will appear in an upcoming Image comic. Hilarious stuff.

Peter David @ Golden Apple

Peter David talking with fans at Golden Apple on a Nice Friday night in Los Angeles.

Aliens use the CBR Forums

Accordig to the cover of Weekly World News #2 out now from IDW, aliens like to dicuss comics and current events on the CBR Forums. I really hope they don’t start a stupid flame war over which solar system is the biggest party system or something equally insane.

Ben Ross with Belladonna at GA

First time comics writer Ben Ross at Golden Apple supporting the > release of his IDW comic “Belladonna” this fine Wednesday.

Sam Jackson has left the (CBR) building!

Just wrapped up a really fun interview with Sam Jackson in the CBR Studio today. Look for part one of that video later this week EXCLUSIVELY on CBR! Here’s a quick camera phone snap of the two of us in action.

Superman, Supergirl and Lois Lane at the Egyptian

Just ran in to these three at the digital screening of the first two Superman films at the Egyptian in Hollywood.

LA Comic Shop film shoot

Drove by Comicsmash on Ventura in Studio City this Sunday morning and saw a massive film shoot going on. No idea what it’s for, but looks cool. Good for them — the payment for a one day shoot has to equal a good Wednesday, I’m thinking.

The Dark Knight sock monkey?

I bought this “The Dark Knight” styled sock monkey from the good folks at Sockmonkey Ghetto at a gift mart event in Los Angeles last month. Great stuff. I love the crooked smile! He sits on my desk atop emergency bottles of alcohol and the fire extinguisher.

What is this? A SIEGE Advance Screening Variant?

It is the season of giving and our friends at Marvel Comics surprised us with a nice treat in the mail today – an advance look at “Siege” #1, which doesn’t hit stores until January 6th!

As you can see from the cover above, this isn’t just a copy of “Siege” #1, but actually it’s the “Siege Advanced Screening Variant” #1 which arrived on our door step today, filled with a couple of surprises. To begin with, it’s actually signed by Bendis – that’s pen ink on the front cover, not some graphic design magic.

As I opened up the issue, I was surprised to find on the inside front cover a letter from Bendis about “Siege,” once again signed, but this letter is personalized to me! Wha….?

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