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Thomas Jane stops by the CBR Studio

Video will be online next week. Long talk about Dave Stevens and there will be more comic work from Tom soon.

Whilce Portacio @ GA/CBR All-Star Holiday Spectacular

And here’s Whilce Portacio, after he finished the day sketching and helping with the Hero Initiative membership drive. Don’t forget, “Image United” #2 is out next week!

Aspen’s Vince Hernandez @ GA/CBR All-Star Holiday Spectacular

That’s me with Vince Hernandez Saturday afternoon. I think it might have been a good idea to shave. OH well.

Top Cow & Aspen @ GA/CBR All-Star Holiday Spectacular

Despite the rain, lots of folks came out to say hi and here’s a look at Top Cow and Aspen set up inside Golden Apple Comics, Hollywood.

Eric Basaldua @ GA/CBR All-Star Holiday Spectacular

Here’s Top Cow Artist Eric Basaldua at the Golden Apple/CBR All-Star Holiday Spectacular signing for a fan.

I’ll post more photos from the event tomorrow — now it’s time for some rest.

Hybrid Bastards @ CBR/GA All-Star Holiday Spectacular

“The Hybrid Bastards” (Archaia) writer Tom Punchuk has a wink and a point for YOU!

Archaia’s Stephen Christy @ CBR/GA All Star Holiday Spectacular

Archaia Director of Development Stephen Christy at the CBR/Golden Apple All-Star Holiday Spectacular! While the lighting’s not great, I do like how this photo turned out.

Whilce Portacio Sketches @ CBR/GA All Star Holiday Spectacular

When it rains in LA, life slows down considerably, but it didn’t diminish Whilce Portacio’s sketching for the Hero Initiative at the CBR/Golden Apple Holiday Spectacular!

Aspen Represents @ GA/CBR Holiday Spectacular

Missing one name here, but we’ve got Aspen’s Peter Steigerwald, J.T. Krul and Vince Hernandez smiling pretty!

Arcahaia Represents @ CBR/GA Holiday Spectacular

Here’s “Tumor’s” Josh Fialkov and Archaia’s Mel Caylo hanging out at the CBR/Golden Apple All Star Holiday Spectacular!

Steve Niles Signs @ CBR/GA All Star Holiday Spectacular

It is seriously raining hard outside in Los Angeles — it never rains quite like this — but the show must go on for the CBR/Golden Apple All Star Holiday Spectacular! Here’s Steve Niles, courtesy Radical Comics, signing for a fan and we’ll have more photos up shortly.

Comics on Ketchup Packets?

You can find comics most anywhere these days.

CBR Senior Editor Stephen Gerding picked up his lunch from a restaurant across the street who gave him some ketchup packets. Unfortunately we didn’t notice until the last packet was about to be opened, but each one included a single panel comic made by school kids. The one below is by Melissa R., Fifth Grade who attends P.S. 20 in Queens, New York. Some of the other packets were by a 12th and 4th grader. Good on Heinz ketchup — it’s like Bazooka Joe for Tomatoes!

Stephen Gerding’s debut as a hand model.

Sensation Comics #1

Just popped in to Golden Apple Comics Hollywood, our downstairs neighbors, and saw this in one I their display cabinets, the first appearance of Wonder Woman in Sensation Comics #1. It got a 7 from CGC. Pretty cool!

Clark, get off the phone, get off the phone…

Seen in one of the DC Comics conference rooms, Clark Kent following a lead. I wonder of he’s trying to figure out how Blackest Night ends.

Lobbying Superman

If you ever get the chance to stop by the DC Comics offices in Manhattan, you’ll be greeted by an impressive Superman statue in the lobby. But that’s not the only place you’ll find Supes at DC. More tomorrow.

Kevin Smith at the Orpheum

Kevin Smith held court this past Saturday at the gorgeous Opheum Theater in Downtown Los Angeles. Great fun.

Lindelof signs at Golden Apple

The q&a with Damon Lindelof went great and we should have that video on CBR soon. Here’s a shot of Damon signing for fans right now at Golden Apple, downstairs from CBR’s offices.

Allie & McGovern at GA

Dark Horse editor Scott Allie and EXURBIA artist Kevin McGovern signing at Golden Apple Comics right now!

They Arrive …

This MASSIVE building sized billboard for the return of “V” to television (one of my favorite shows as a kid), seen on Highland traveling north in Hollywood, really pleased me. While some networks (AKA NBC) shy away from scripted drama, here’s a massive show of support from ABC for the new series. Impressive.


The Big Bang Theory Flashes You

Seen outside the Warner Studios in Burbank, California. A little Flash love.


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