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End of Day

On my way home from a fantastic FCBD in So Cal! I got about a hundred copies of Punks in new readers hands, gave out some way old copies of Elk’s Run #1, and sold a crapload of Rampaging Wolverine #1!
Both The Comic Bug and Metropolis really do it up right for the holiday, and I especially enjoyed hanging with Robbi Rodriguez, Chris Moreno, and Rafael Navarro as they sketched their butts off.
Until next year, see you in the funny papers. j.

The Comic Bug Madness

Just got to the Comic Bug’s beautiful new location. The store is PACKED with kids and adults, and the whole bag half of the store is filled with Comic Pro’s.
It’s totally and utterly Rock and Roll! C’mon down. j.

Fialkov Hits FCBD

Wrapping up at the incredibly swamped Metropolis Comics in beautiful downtown Bellflower! There was a huge line of kids before opening and a constant deluge of readers young and old since!
And they’re scarfing up the copies of Rampaging Wolverine that they have on hand.
Looking forward to my trip over to Manhattan Beach’s The Comic Bug, where fun and hilarity will undoubtedly ensue!
See y’all there! j.

The Los Angeles Top Cow Crew Bids You Adieu

Hope you had as much fun as we did.


Golden Apple

The flurry of activity at Golden Apple Hollywood finally started to die down, giving me a second to post.
They really did it up right with a parking lot sale and hot dogs for all. The stores really come a long way since the old shop. It’s been an absolute blast.

Thoughts on FCBD

As we’re stuck in traffic, I thought I’d give a few quick thoughts on FCBD.
First off, thus far, this has been the most diverse crowd of folks I’ve seen out. Young, old, male and femal, of every color and creed. It’s really exciting to watch our medium spread its wings.
Secondly, it seems that more retailers seem to actually ‘get’ it than in previous years. This is an amazing opportunity to grow our readership, and new fans need to be treated like we want them to join up.
Oops, time to concentrate. More to come.

The Basaldua Brothers and Top Cow’s Alyssa Phung

As we say good bye to Amazing Comics and hello to Golden Apple.

The Fialkov Stands Tall

The Home Stretch

We’re about half hour out from the mad dash across town to Golden Apple.
Amazing Comics lives up to it’s name with a huge store filled with comics, manga, toys, and collectibles. Great staff, too.


The huge line of excited kids and comics fans got an extra bit of excitement when Mel forgot to put his car in park when we all got out!
Signing Ho!

Fialkov Checks In

Hey gang, It’s about 6:30 am on Free Comic Book Day, and I’m packing my boxes, loading up the car, and heading out to meet up with the rest of the Top Cow gang for our first signing. The life of a comic creator tends to include some sleepy eyes.

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