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Four And A Half Michigan Comic Shops On FCBD!

Hey gang!

CBR News Editor Kiel Phegley here, reporting after a megahyperbossanova Free Comic Book Day trip throughout Southeast Michigan. I’m going to put up a longer post later at The Cool Kids Table, but for now here’s a rundown of the killer shops I hit!


I started out at Ann Arbor’s Vault of Midnight, which REALLY did the day up right. They had staffers in costume handing out Bartman buttons, power rings and other fun items, and the line to get it stretched nearly around the block. What’s more, they had a ton of special promotions going with local businesses so you could get a discount on food or skateboards or whatever if you came in with your FCBD bag. Sick, right?!?

The Vault also had a fun photo setup outside the store.


As I’m told, the dudes at Nerd Life Productions will be Photoshopping this out to make it look like an old comic cover. Maybe when they do mine, they’ll crop out my weird cowlick.

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The CBR News Team: We’re Everywhere

From the Facebook page of our friends over at the newly resurgent “GEEK Magazine” comes this photo of Robert Kirkman chilling with CBR Reviews Editor Steve Sunu:

For serial, when you guys see Steve’s video run through of the zombie course at Petco Park, you are gonna plotz.

One Last FCBD Post

Yo, I’m sure everyone had a hella good Free Comic Book Day this year. If you haven’t already, scroll down and see the tons and tons of radical signings folks checked in from. Here’s a little video of what I did in Chicago:

Read more about it at The Cool Kids Table.

Scenes From The CBR Bar @ C2E2

Yo. So last week, a bunch of us spent time covering the Chicago Comic & Entertainment Expo, which most folks just call C2E2. As part of the show, Jonah “Uncle Moneybags” Weiland sponsored the bar at the Hyatt, making everyone who knew me for the weekend do some variation on that “So the CBR Bar is an open bar, right?” joke in my presence. Here are some photos from over the weekend:

Here’s the core of CBR’s full-timers who were at the show (L-R): Videographer Alex Kropinak, me, Reviews Editor/Staff Writer Steve Sunu and Staff Writer Shaun Manning (who was actually at McCormick for a totally different convention but spent his evening hours drinking with us and eating out in Chinatown). There were a ton of other rad folks chipping in on the site over the weekend, and you can see an index of stories here.

Team blog-o-sphere was out in full force as well, and here’s a pic of Robot 6ers Michael May (whom I saw across the con floor several times but never got to talk to – sorry, Michael! – and whose great photo diaries of the con are well worth your time) and Brigid Alverson (who crushed it as part of team panel coverage) alongside Matthew J. Brady (whose great Warren Peace Sings The Blues I don’t comment on or link to often enough).

Here are some other pics taken on a busy Saturday night:

God only knows what was going through those bartender’s heads as they had to wear our logo while serving drinks to guys in TRON costumes.

Oh, and because I had nowhere else to put it, here’s the only cosplay photo I took all weekend:

See y’all next year.

Fraction And Bendis @ C2E2

Two of Marvel’s biggest writers, Matt Fraction and Brian Michael Bendis earn the gold star at C2E2 for making it to the con after a crazy Tsunami-influenced trip to Hawaii with their families.

Scott Snyder @ C2E2

With “American Vampire,” “Detective Comics” and soon “Batman: Gates of Gotham” on the stands, writer Scott Snyder’s always got acute focus such as when he’s signing for fans.

Tony Daniel Signs @ C2E2

“Batman” and “Battle For The Cowl” writer/artist and always super chill dude Tony Daniel signs for fans at the DC booth at C2E2.

Thor Comes To Chicago

Chris Hemsworth AKA Thor seemed like a very nice young man. Read the panel report on the star’s appearance at C2E2 here, and check back to CBR later this week for video!

Patton Oswalt at C2E2!

Okay, so my camera isn’t the best at capturing images of men who are excitedly running across the stage being hilarious, but lucky for y’all, CBR News had a camera on hand in third row center, and we’ll have highlights from the geek comedian’s set up later this week!

The CBR Bar @ C2E2!

Last night, the CBR staff kicked off our C2E2 schmoozing by knocking a few back at the CBR Bar at the Hyatt, connected to McCormick Place. There’s a bit of signage here and there for the site, but the best part is this crazy big backdrop.

I snapped the above pick of some folk who were hanging out at the bar, and when I explained who I was, the young lady on the right said, “Oh! I know Jonah. Tell him Toni said hi!”

Last night I e-mailed Mr. Weiland to pass the message along. His response? “Hrmmm, doesn’t sound familiar.” Mysteries abound in Chicago!

Look for more photos of the show and the bar on this space over the weekend, and be sure to stop by for a beer tonight or tomorrow if you’re at the show.

Edit: As I was sitting here in the McCormick place food court posting this image, I heard a voice behind me say, “Dude! That’s me!” It was the young man above, now decked out in a C2E2 staff shirt. I love cons.

1 Day, 5 Chicago Comic Shops

Here’s what I did today!
Started at The Comic Vault, where I bumped into Shaun!
It was early, and they had dang near every comic available!
Later, I stopped by one of the many Graham Cracker Comics locations where I got a book signed by David Petersen!
Then, I made my way to Dark Tower Comics which was oversaw by Skeletor and featured a signing with Skottie Young and Tim Seeley!
Toward the end of the day, I returned to my regular home shop – Challenger’s Comics – where they’d had a busy day giving away comics!
Challenger’s also had a signing with Mike Norton and Katie Cook, who just happened to be chatting up David Petersen when I got there! Was he following me?
I wrapped the day with a short stop at Chicago Comics, which is a super mega nice store.
Dudes, EPIC WIN.

It’s a small world!


While walking up to my first FCBD stop of the year (Chicago’s Comic Vault), I bumped into fellow CBR staffer Shaun Manning who was walking out with an impressive haul. Go fig!

Tim Seeley With Colt Noble

“Hack/Slash” creator and “WildCats” artist Tim Seeley poses with his new 64-page Image one-shot “Colt Noble And The Megalords” at a release party at Chicago’s Challengers Comics.

Tom Neely @ MoCCA

“The Blot” cartoonist Tom Neely sticks to his guns and should be congratulated for it whenever you see him. Also appearing: Dylan Williams of Sparkplug.


Comic Book Comics!

This photo of “Comic Book Comics” creators Ryan Dunlavey and Fred VanLente was probably the only “posed” photo of dudes I took all weekend. I’m a bad photographer.


Hope Larson

Unfortunately, Hope’s new book “Mercury” won’t be out until later in the year. Fortunately, she and her new haircut up MoCCA’s already high cool quotient.

Kate Beaton

She signed my book after I got to her by breaking the human bubble of XKCD fans all around her table all weekend.


The Floor at MoCCA!

Oh man, the floor at MoCCA was so hard to get a good photo of, but I think this shot of “Remake” cartoonist Lamar Abrams chatting someone up was pretty representative of what every aisle was like.

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