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Checking out at The Source

The friendly Source staff is hard at work today.

Reading in line

There’s plenty to keep us busy while we wait.

Check-out line at The Source

Lots of folks are coming for the free comics; staying for the deals.

FCBD shopping

Looking to take advantage of the 20%-off sale The Source is running.


Couple of bags’ worth of free comics from The Source

FCBD creators

The Twin Cities comic scene turns out to sign at The Source

Age appropriate free comics

Separate lines for kids and grown-ups at The Source

Free comics!

This is why we’re here.

Organized chaos

The scene inside The Source Comics and Games

First freebies

Source staff welcome guests to the store with some swag

Iron Patriot greets fans at The Source

Iron Patriot with a fan outside The Source

Free suckers!

Source employees and cosplayers keep the line entertained.

Front of the line!

Source owner Nick Post (in the fluorescent shirt) welcomes fans to the store.

Source Comics line continues

36 degrees and drizzly. Comics fans are hardcore.

Massive FCBD crowds at The Sourcw

The line for free comics wraps around the building at The Source Comics and Games in Roseville, MN

Recent Comments

  • John: Thanks for taking the time to stop by Ethan’s table, much appreciated.
  • Paul: That shop must be in Australia.
  • Debra Lyons: I just found 2 of the Marvel Mania Beeker shot glasses in an old box. Wonder if they are worth anything?...
  • Rob: I normally don’t listen to KFI on Saturday afternoons, but I happened to today and heard part of your...
  • Jerry Jonez: This is awesome news! Looking forward to listening. I’m a regular KFI listner. And you’ll be...
  • Eric Lee: I still have never gone to Marvel Mania. I remember as a kid seeing it being under construction. Flash...
  • Dimo1: Looks like Bart Sears Spider-Man in the second pic.
  • Ev: Marvel should open this now. It could rival McD’s now that they are such mainstream darlings!
  • Andrew: That fill-in’s the SIlver Surfer.
  • Mike: Cover is Lim and Koblish, I think first 3 pages are Ringo, 4 and 6 are Chuck Wojtkiewicz, and 5 is Steven...

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