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Lindelof Addresses The Fans

Damon Lindelof says hello the fans at his first ever signing at Earth-2 in Sherman Oaks, CA. Lindelof introduced his mother to the crowd, who was just off the plane from New Jersey, and thanked the fans for waiting through what he referred to jokingly as the “lull” between issues two and three.

Fans Take The Initiative

The Dharma Initiative sent out an official representative in the form of this fan.

Getting “Lost” At Earth-2

Earth 2 in Sherman Oaks has a very special guest tonight, “Lost” and Ultimate Wolverine Vs. Hulk” scribe Damon Lindelof.

For Those About To Rock!

“Cosmic Rays and the Flying Bathtubs” plays for fans at Golden Apple Comics.


Let The Signing Begin!

Fantastic Four and Secret Warriors writer Jonathan Hickman signs comics for fans at Golden Apple Comics.


Guest Of Honor

Ryan Liebowitz introduces Jonathan Hickman to the fans and discusses all the events going on to do like live music from “Cosmic Rays and the Flying Bathtubs.”


You’ve Been Served

Fans line up to get their hands on some free grub.


Hot Off The Grill

Burgers and hot dogs fresh from the babrbecue for all fans who stop by.


You Could Win!

Golden Apple is supporting the Hero Initiative with a raffle. Tickets are a dollar and prizes include variant cover comics and original Bill Willingham art.


Hickman Family BBQ

CBR is coming to you live from Golden Apple Comics where Jonathan Hickman is signing.


Missing Mutants?

New Mutants scribe Zeb Wells (pictured here with his friend, David) stopped by to check out the “Missing Days” Release Party at Golden Apple Comics.


Development Of Days

Archaia’s Director Of Development Stephen Christy takes a second out for a picture with “Days Missing” creator Trevor Roth.


Boldly Going…

CEO of Roddenberry Productions Rod Roddenberry talks with a fan while signing copies of “Days Missing” at Golden Apple Comics.


Creating Something Missing

The creator of “Days Missing,” Trevor Roth, signs issue one for a fan.


A New Dyanimc Duo?

“Days Missing” Editor Rob Levin and Archaia’s own Mel Caylo at the Golden Apple Comic’s “Days Missing” event.


Did You Get Your Copy Of “Days Missing”?

Issue 1 of “Days Missing” is on sale from Archaia Comics!


Did Someone Say Free?

Free Star Trek related posters to all fans that stop by for the “Days Missing” event at Golden Apple Comics! How can you say no to Gonzo and Kahn?


Days Missing Found At Golden Apple Comics

Golden Apple is hosting an event for Archaia Comic’s “Days Missing” tonight and CBR Live is there to cover it.


Hulk Smash Puny Anniversary!

The Incredible Hulk mingles with the guests (no smashing allowed)to celebrate Marvel’s 70th Anniversary at Golden Apple Comics.


Marvel’s 70th Anniversary Is Golden… Apple

SVP Production & Development for Marvel Studios and X-Force writer Craig Kyle celebrating Marvel’s 70th Anniversary at Golden Apple Comics.


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