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Artistically Berserk

Berserker artist Jeremy Haun signs a copy of Berserker at Collector’s Paradise.


Milo’s Own Mini-Me

Milo demonstrating how he always wants to draw a little mustache on the plastic packaging when he is asked to sign a Peter Petrelli “Heroes” action figure. At a previous signing, Milo even drew a tuxedo on the outside of the package for a fan.


A Picture Of A Picture Of A Picture

Dino DeMilio takes a picture of Milo Ventimiglia taking a picture of himself with a fan.


Berserker Support

Elk’s Run writer Joshua Hale Fialkov stops in to show his support for the Berserker and Top Cow.


The Long, Long, Long Line

The line continues inside the air conditioned store at Collector’s Paradise in Winnetka.


Berserker Invades The Valley

Fans bear the heat as they wait in line outside of Collector’s Paradise to meet the Berserker crew.


A Berserker Rage Takes Over Golden Apple!

Russ Cundiff, Ryan Liebowitz, Milo Ventimiglia, Filip Sablik and Jeremy Haun go into a Berserker Rage as the signing concludes at Golden Apple Comics.


Mel Caylo Goes Berserk!

Archaia Comic’s own Mel Caylo, stopped by Golden Apple to check out the happenings at the Berserker Event.


Before The Madness

A quick shot from earlier today to show off the display behind which Milo Ventimiglia and the gang are signing in front of.


Berserker #1 Rage Edition

Golden Apple Comics is giving out free copies of Berserker #0 to all who attend today’s signing. They are also selling the special variant cover of Berserker #1, Rage Edition. Fans fear not, if they can’t make it down here by 3 p.m. Golden Apple plans to have some extra signed copies to sell as well.


Divide Pictures Goes Berserk

Dino De Milio, Director of Development at Divide Pictures, comes out to support the Berserker gang. You can follow Dino on twitter at


Berserker Artist

Artist Jeremy Haun proudly signing copies of Berserker at Golden Apple Comics.


Fans Are Going Berserk For Comics

Editor in Chief of Top Cow Comics Filip Sablik joins Russ Cundiff and Milo Ventimiglia to sign comics and talk to fans.


The Gang Is All Here

A group shot of everyone signing at today’s Berserker event at Golden Apple Comics. From left to right: Fillip Sablik, Russ Cundiff, Milo Ventimiglia, and Jeremy Haun.


Going Berserk!

Milo Ventimiglia and Russ Cundiff for the fans at Golden Apple Comic’s Berserker signing event!


Milo Shows Off Berserker At Golden Apple Comics

Mile Ventimiglia shows off issue one of Berserker.


The Racks Are Stacked!

Fans are greeted by a rack full of Berserker comics, including the limited edition Rage variant cover, along with Ventimiglia’s previous work, Rest. Originally with Devil Due’s Publishing the title has recently moved to Top Cow to be completed.


The Line Went Berserk!

The line in front of Golden Apple comics for Milo Ventimiglia’s appearance to promote his new Top Cow comic book Berserker began before 11 am this morning, over two hours before he was suppose to sign!


Talking The Unthinkable

Mark Waid, comic book writer extraordinaire, and Amy Berg, writer of “Leverage” and “The 4400,” are not talking business at the Unthinkable Release Party.


Unthinkable Writers

Eric Heisserer, scribe of the upcoming “Nightmare On Elm Street” movie and the newly released “Zombie Tales” volume 4, with Christine Boylan, writer of Heroes comics and the latest addition to “Day One,” take time out for a picture for CBR Live.


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