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Joe Foo at KRC

Joe Foo of Desmonds Comics at Kids Read Comics in Ann Arbor, Michigan #kidsreadcomics

Justin Castaneda at KRC

Justin Castaneda of When I Was Little at Kids Read Comics in Ann Arbor, Michigan #kidsreadcomics

Josh Buchanan at KRC

Joshua Buchanan of The Rocket and Scratch9 : Cat Tails at Kids Read Comics in Ann Arbor, Michigan #kidsreadcomics

Paul D. Storrie at KRC

Robyn of Sherwood creator Paul Storrie at Kids Read Comics in Ann Arbor, Michigan #kidsreadcomics

Dani Jones at KRC

Dani Jones debuts Monsters vs Kittens (hint – kittens win!) at Kids Read Comics in Ann Arbor, Michigan #kidsreadcomics

Thomas Zahler at KRC

My Little Pony writer artist at Kids Read Comics in Ann Arbor, Michigan #kidsreadcomics

Free Scratch9 Poster

Get some at Kids Read Comics in Ann Arbor, Michigan! #kidsreadcomics

Vordak the Incomprehensible

The villainous Vordak crashes Kids Read Comics in Ann Arbor, Michigan

Ms Marvel

Ms Marvel at Metropolis Comics

Josh and Shannon

Joshua Hale Fialkov and Shannon Eric Denton at Metropolis Comics

Red Hood

At Metropolis Comics


Deadpool gets stuck on scratch9!

Shane Houghton

Mr Shane Houghton of Reed Gunther, Adventure Time, Peanuts fame

Robbo & Shannon

Scratch9 creator Rob Worley and Avengers animator Shannon Eric Denton At Metropolis Comics


Shannon draws Teen Titans Raven for Nadira

Shannon Eric Denton

Shannon Eric Denton takes a photo of Rob M Worley at Metropolis Comics

Free Comics!

Metropolis Comics!

Beavis, Butthead, Free Comics

Shannon Denton and I traded in the Cheetah Limo for this sweet pickup! Metropolis Comics here we come!

Recent Comments

  • David: Ah yes. Finally. All of Marvel’s big villains on one page. Magneto! Loki! Venom! Dr. Doom! Galactus!...
  • Zach: Awesome. Cover is Ron Lim, right? And interiors are ‘Ringo?
  • Molly Bode: Mark also did a mural in remembrance of Frank Frazetta. He painted it with James O’Barr. It is on...
  • No Way: I hit stores from Kalamazoo to Saginaw dressed as Rorschach. Had a blast. Even got some FCBD stuff coming...
  • Anna F: Great Store! Staff always friendly and helpful every time I visit, plentiful selection too.
  • Lilith eve: The domino is me! That way to cool! veadem
  • Deathstroke: Matt Hawkins did an excellent job adapting with the first issue of Tales of Honor. Good to see him out...
  • Adam: Nice to see the Michigan shops. I lived in A2 ten years ago and wondered how they’re all doing–good...
  • Josh Gowdy: You realise it is already Saturday the 3rd of May in Australia and these sketches are right on...
  • Scooby: Ah… nothing like free stuff to bring out a bunch of freeloaders! I joke! I joke!! But I’m not...

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