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Free Comic Book Day 2011

TFAW manager Sean doing the handsell–

Free Comic Book Day 2011

Todd Herman and Herb Apon at Milwaukie TFAW

Free Comic Book Day 2011

Pirates at Milwaukie TFAW.

Buying Conan comics at TFAW

The piercings are really impressive…


–Scott Sent from my tricorder

Dave and Cindy O from TFAW

–Scott Sent from my tricorder

Quick stop in the office

My desk is actually pretty orderly after being in LA this week. Thanks, team. Now, across the street to the FCBD signing at Things from Another World…

CBR Live!

My son and Brett Warnock’s boy trash the Top Shelf booth at Portland’s Stumptown Comics Fest.


Cosmic Monkey

Too much going on here to adequately cover, but it’s a great scene. Keiron Dwyer is here too, Pete Woods, and Colleen Coover. Turnout remains strong, although we’ve all been hiding out in the basement ’cause Andy and Adam sprung for pizza for everyone. Nick Childs of local Laika Studios met Todd Herman, artist of Dark Horse’s Cut graphic novel, to go over some storyboard work. James Lucas and Randy Jarrell, both from Oni, have been here but seem to have scampered off. The store’s doing steady business, despite a total lack of ready foot traffic in this part of town. I’m gonna go buy a retrospective on Greg Irons from Fantagraphics and call it a day.

Cosmic Monkey

Okay, all due respect to the many fantastic shops in Portland, this is where it’s at today. Cosmic Monkey was formerly located out on the edge of town, and I have to admit I didn’t bother to go there for a long time. But now they’ve got a better location, and they’ve hosted a lot of notable events, most recently the awards show for the Stumptown Comics Fest, and the 24-Hour Comic party. Today they’ve got a host of guest artists signing, including Kurt Busiek, Rick Remender, Shannon Wheeler, and David Hahn. This is one of the biggest square-footage stores in town, and it’s packed. As I approached the door, a little kid had broken off from his dad to race into the store. This is how it should be every day.


And of course it’s raining, because it’s Portland. Will this deter the fans in need of free comics? Or merely diminish the number of casual passersby we’re hoping to rope in …?

Bridge City Comics

Bridge City Comics is owned by Michael Ring, former Dark Horse marketing guy, the best friend I have in the retailer community, so hopefully my credibility will not be in question when I say the joint is jumping. No signings here, no special events beyond handing out comics. But Bridge City Comics is in a very cool, up-and-coming neighborhood on Mississippi Ave. in northeast Portland, and the neighborhood’s pouring out for the event. Jennifer & Matt Holm, creators of the all-ages comic Babymouse, just stopped in. Michael hadn’t met ‘em before, but he’s a fan of the book, so I predict a signing … Randy Jarrell, an editor at Oni, is here, and he just started up a conversation about Iron Man. Ring’s a new dad, so he hasn’t seen Iron Man yet. He literally just squealed, “I can’t wait to geek out!” Egads. On the way out of Floating World, I ran into Joe Nozemack, Publisher of Oni, himself starting to make the rounds of shops. I bet he hasn’t seen Iron Man. He’s much less a superhero than Ring, who’s currently debating the quality of fight scenes in today’s comics movies. Expectations for The Hulk’s fight scenes are not that great, because “It’s more about brute force than carefully orchestrated fights.” Free Comic BOOK Day, guys. This place is pack, though, lots of kids, lots of adults.

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