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Captain America at the 2012 Olympics in London? Sorta.

If you’ve visited Comic Book Resources for a good length of time you know I have a lot of love for cosplayers. Going back to 1996, CBR has regularly featured photos from cosplayers at comic conventions around the world in many, many a photo parade. Yes, sometimes I can be a tad snarky about some of the more, shall we say, poor choices made by some cosplayers, but I really do love seeing the creativity on display. There have been some mind blowingly good costumes over the years.

Where just 15 years ago seeing cosplay outside a comic convention was an oddity (unless you lived near the Chinese Theater in Hollywood, in which case it’s been an every day occurrence for your entire life), these days cosplay seems to happen most anywhere. Even at the Olympics.

I’m watching NBC’s coverage of Women’s Indoor Volleyball this Wednesday evening, a match between Team USA & China, when as the announcer throws to commercial this image of a fan in the audience comes up on the screen.

Captain America

I’ll be honest, I’m not sure how I feel about this. It’s not the choice in costume, or even the fact it’s a relative cheaply made costume. No, I have no problem with that. But, I dunno, superhero cosplay seems kinda wrong at the Olympics. Like it just doesn’t fit in.

Oh, who am I kidding — I’m just jealous and wish I was there! If someone wanted to fly me to London, get me in to events, on the condition I wear a Captain America costume at all times, I can be reached at

CCI: “Torchwood’s” John Barrowman on the CBR Yacht!

We finish off our first week of photos from the CBR Yacht 2011 edition at Comic-Con International in San Diego with a photo of me with “Torchwood” star John Barrowman. When we get the video interview online, I’ll have to share with you the full story behind this interview as some stuff went on behind the scenes that was really fun. What an incredible guest and very generous guy. Pleasure meeting John who, BTW, is also a comics creator, having written a “Torchwood” comic with his sister, illustrated by Tommy Lee Edwards! So, he gets bonus points for being a comic creator, too!

Jonah Weiland & John Barrowman

[NOTE TO SELF: Stop being so squinty eyed in every photo you take! Seriously, dude, get it together!]

CCI: Joe Hill on the CBR Yacht!

Day Quatro of the CBR Yacht/Comic-Con International photos is here and this time we have at “Locke & Key” co-creator Joe Hill! The video interview will be online shortly, but this is another comic creator I’ve never had the pleasure of interviewing and it was a real treat. Fascinating writer and a great interview subject. Honestly, this is just one example of the reason why I do these video interviews at conventions — it gives me an opportunity to talk with some of the most interesting, creative people in the world and that’s no exaggeration.

Joe Hill & Jonah Weiland

CCI: Jill Thompson on the CBR Yacht!

Day three of the Comic-Con International/CBR Yacht photo roll out continues and this time it’s one of my favorite illustrators in comics, Jill Thompson! Don’t miss my full interview with Jill Thompson on CBR’s Video hub.

Jill Thompson & Jonah Weiland

CCI: Mike Allred on the CBR Yacht!

Alright, we continue rolling out photos of guests who made it out to the CBR Yacht during Comic-Con International in San Diego. Next up it’s me with Madman creator Mike Allred! This was the first time I’ve interviewed the guy — in print or on camera! Real pleasure and easily one of the most confident creators I’ve ever met. We’ll have the video interview up shortly.

Mike Allred & Jonah Weiland

CCI: Jim Lee on the CBR Yacht!

Hey folks,

It’s time we started rolling out some photos of guests who came out to the CBR Yacht during Comic-Con International in San Diego! 2011 was our biggest year ever — the site saw it’s best convention traffic ever, we had our largest team of reporters and support staff ever and had more guests out to the yacht than ever before (I BELIEVE the count is 45, but I had to double check that). It certainly was the busiest convention I remember in recent memory — oh, and we won’t a little Eisner award (thanks!), too! It certainly ranks up there as one of the best Comic-Con’s I’ve been to in 19 years and I hope they just keep getting better.

One thing we were much more diligent about this year compared to years past is documenting all the guests that came out to the yacht. So, once a day until we’re out of photos I’m going to share a photo with you of one of our wonderful guests. First up, since we’re running his interview today, is DC Comics Co-Publisher and artist on Justice League Jim Lee, who was interview by CBR News Editor Kiel Phegley. More photos tomorrow — every day for some time — at 3:00 PM Pacific.


Jonah Weiland
Executive Producer, Comic Book Resources

Jim Lee & Kiel Phegley

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