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A Parting Shot

Damon Lindelof poses with Earth-2 owners Carr D’Angelo and Jud Myers at the end of an amazing event!

Surviving The Crash Was Just The Beginning

Lindelof signs one of the first posters ABC did for “Lost” with “Live Together, Die Alone!!!” aimed firmly at Dominic Monaghan’s character Charlie, who died at the end of the third season.

To Boldly Go…

A fan brings in the poster for the IMAX version of J.J. Abram’s “Star Trek,” which Lindelof was a producer on, for Damon to sign.

Keeping A Constant Flow

The rain has stopped pouring at Earth-2 comics in Sherman Oaks but the fans have continued to come pouring in for over the last hour as Lindelof takes time to talk to every single fan about the show, about their favorite characters and giving a few hints about the upcoming season.

The Final Season

While signing, Lindelof told fans a story about how, before Season 2 of “Lost” came out, he was signing a woman’s Season 1 DVD set and the woman asked him what was really behind The Hatch. He told her he would write the answer on the DVD and wrote that it was a man who pushes a button every 108 minutes. The woman looked at her DVDs and, upon reading it, went “pfft” without knowing that she indeed had the answer right in front of her.

Beyond The Hatch

Damon Lindelof with Steve, an artistic “Lost” fan, who had Damon sign a painting he did of what was on the wall beneath The Hatch. When asked how long it took him to paint, Steve said “somewhere from 8 to 15 hours.”

Lindelof Addresses The Fans

Damon Lindelof says hello the fans at his first ever signing at Earth-2 in Sherman Oaks, CA. Lindelof introduced his mother to the crowd, who was just off the plane from New Jersey, and thanked the fans for waiting through what he referred to jokingly as the “lull” between issues two and three.

Fans Take The Initiative

The Dharma Initiative sent out an official representative in the form of this fan.

Getting “Lost” At Earth-2

Earth 2 in Sherman Oaks has a very special guest tonight, “Lost” and Ultimate Wolverine Vs. Hulk” scribe Damon Lindelof.

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