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Collector’s Paradise

Canoga Park, CA

Mission Accomplished!

Start’em while they’re kiddos! – @ Collector’s Paradise Pasadena, CA ( http://comicsandcards.net)

The Avengers & Clippers at LA Live

There’s only one thing that could get me to miss FCBD today and it’s LA Clippers Playoff Basketball! Here are the Avengers at LA Live across from Staples Center. Someone should have set up an FCBD booth down here.

ChrisCross, Artist Supreme

Signs comics on FCBD at Jim Hanley’s.

Dapper Dan Slott

Signs comics on FCBD at Jim Hanley’s.

Jose Luis Garcia Lopez

The legendary Superman artist signs comics on FCBD at Jim Hanley’s.

The word is out!

The word has been spread and the horde is getting larger as the stock slowly dwindles!

Nick Fury doesn’t need the Avengers…

He’s got Cobra Commander dead to rights. On FCBD at Jim Hanley’s.

This time Cobra Commander has gone too far…

Shrinking Storm Shadow down to the size of a child?! On Free Comic Book Day at Jim Hanley’s.

They say birds can sense bad weather coming…

Must be how Mockingbird and Storm got together for FCBD at Jim Hanley’s….

Victor Cook

Meltdown, Hollywood

Vic Cook and Greg Weisman

Meltdown, Hollywood

Greg Weisman

Meltdown, Hollywood

I don’t think that’s Supergirl’s natural color.

But it’s come as you please on Free Comic Book Day at Jim Hanley’s.

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