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Thomas Zahler at KRC

My Little Pony writer artist at Kids Read Comics in Ann Arbor, Michigan #kidsreadcomics

Free Scratch9 Poster

Get some at Kids Read Comics in Ann Arbor, Michigan! #kidsreadcomics

Vordak the Incomprehensible

The villainous Vordak crashes Kids Read Comics in Ann Arbor, Michigan

The Sweetness Stack

These babies are awaiting being ravaged! @ Collector’s Paradise Pasadena, California

FCBD Interview: Vic Malhotra

Up and coming comic artist Vic Malhotra was a guest at Free Comic Book Day, offering sketches for a donation to the Food Bank.I spent a few minutes talking to him.

“Free Comic Book Day is awesome. I’ve been drawing all day and it’s fun to have so many people come by. They’re so excited to get free comics and sketches”, said Malhotra as he was just finishing another drawing. “It’s kinda like a mini-con in a way for so many people. (It brings in people) that normally don’t buy comics and the kids are super excited. It’s a lot of fun and I’m glad I came out and sketched here.”

And he’s right. You can compare this to attending a con. When I arrived at Happy Harbor Comics in Edmonton, there was at least 500 people waiting in line outside the store for the 10 o’clock opening. Various ages and backgrounds. People were of all ages, some longtime fans, some in costume, some never stepped inside a comic store before came out to enjoy the event. The artists stayed busy throughout the day.

“I love getting requests (to draw) because you get these random characters that I never think to draw that I have the opportunity to draw”. One guy came by requesting Superman drinking booze and smoking cigars.”

Malhotra is one of the artists on Tiger Lawyer, created by Calgary-based writer Ryan Ferrier. The comic is enjoying a strong Alberta fan base and great word-of-mouth reviews by fans and those who are passionate about supporting local arts.

“It’s kind of local, although Matt McCray, who does the cartoony stories… I feel like he’s (located) somewhere in the States, but we consider it really local and it does pretty well in Edmonton and Calgary and at the cons. And everybody that walks by here sees my sign and are like ‘Hey! Tiger Lawyer!’ and they don’t even know it but it just kind of jumps out of their mouths. It’s a cool concept and easy to grasp”.

I asked Malhotra about his upcoming book, which is a bit of a contrast from Tiger Lawyer.

“The project I am working on now is a project with IDW Publishing, it’s called Thumbprint with Joe Hill, who I am excited to work with. I just wrapped up the first issue where I’m doing all the artwork for it, so the pencils, the inks and the colours, and just started the second issue. And June 19th is when it comes out. It’s not like Tiger Lawyer. I don’t think kids should read it, it’s more dramatic, serious story.”

FCBD Interview: Chris Peterson

Chris Peterson took a few minutes to chat with me during Free Comic Book Day. He is the illustrator of “Fubar” which came out this week. He will also be in the upcoming “Bee Vixens from Mars”, will be featured in Dark Horse’s “Grindhouse: The Doors Open at Midnight”. It’s written by Alex De Campi and colored by Nolan Woodard.

FCBD concert: Sunday Kids

Edmonton based band The Sunday Kids rocked out with an in-store live performance at Happy Harbor Comics.


Happy Harbor Comics unveiled their own brand of beer at the end of FCBD. It came in two alternative labels. Regular and blank cover.

Photo by Andrea Brown

Iron Trooper

Maybe this is the Mark Episode IV armor?

Artist Lori Hanson Sketch

Executive Assistant Assassins artist Lori Hanson sketches the Aspen character Daisy

Aspen Creators Meet The Kids!

Aspen’s Frank Mastromauro and David Wohl sign Worlds of Aspen issues for the kids.

These are the nerds you’re looking for…

Then things got ugly at Earth-2 Comics when DEADPOOL writers Brian Posehn and Gerry Duggan got captured by members of the 501st Legion…

No Jokers

“A deck of cards is like the New 52. But take out the Jokers. We don’t see the Joker in the first year. And we know six comics will suck right off the bat so toss away six random cards.” The Amazing Dafoe entertains at Happy Harbor Comics with a comic flavoured magic show.

Brian? Boba!?

Two public figures recognize each other at Earth-2 Comics Sherman Oaks…DEADPOOL writer Posehn and intergalactic Bounty Hunter Fett…

Most Incredible Tee-Shirt of the Day

“Don’t make me do laundry, you won’t like me when I do laundry…” at Earth-2 Sherman Oaks…

Fathom Ink Love

Aspen fan shows off his sick Michael Turner Fathom ink at 4 Color Fantasies in Ranch Cucamonga, CA

Green Eye?…Hawk Arrow?…Green Hawk?

Clint Barton upstages Oliver Queen on his own book @ Collector’s Paradise Pasadena, CA (sketch by Whilce Portacio)

Women love comics!

AutumnRain Glading rocking the zombies, dragons, & robots!

Brave New Worlding

Women who own their own comic shops are awesome! Brave New World in Newhall, CA!

Darth Little and Noodle Sabre

Attacking mother, of course. At Happy Harbor Comics in Edmonton, AB.

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