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More Marvel Mania: Awesome Kids Placemats!

Yesterday we shared with you the kids menu from Marvel Mania, a restaurant that lasted a little over a year and closed down in 1999. Today, we’ve got another blast from the past for you, three of the placemats given to children to occupy their time while the parents got a much needed rest from a day at Universal Studios Hollywood.

All three of these are great! There’s one featuring the Fantstic Four with three activities: a Thing maze, a “Spider-Man Super-Villain Scramble” and a fun “fill-in” piece — anyone want to do the work for us to see what it reveals? Then there’s “The Many Marvelous Faces of Spider-Man” which allows you to create your own version of Spider-Man (just don’t expect to see him featured in Spider-Verse!). The best one of the three here has to be the “Contest of Crime: A Trivia Challenge of World Dominating Proportions!”


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The Marvel Mania Kids Menu

Back in 2009 I found a Marvel Mania restaurant menu I had “borrowed” from the restaurant located next door to Universal Studios Hollywood that opened in 1998 and closed in 1999. Recently, CBR’s Remy Minnick found some classic Marvel Mania stuff in his archives and shared them with us here.

In addition to the menu we’ve already posted, today we have the entire contents of the kids menu below, for “cosmic kids” with a promise of “Absolutely NO broccoli, spinach or squash on this menu.” This fun, comic sized menu spotlighted not only the food kids could order, but a number of fun activities to keep them busy while the parents recovered from a wild day at the theme park.

Later this week we’ll share scans of the placemats given to kids – one focused on the Many Marvelous Faces of Spider-Man, one that spotlighted the Fantastic Four and my favorite, one entirely about the villains of Marvel titled “Contest of Crime.”

Marvel Mania Kids Menu - Cover

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Batsignal sunset? Nolan controls the weather now?

We all know Director Christopher Nolan best as the man behind the hugely successful “The Dark Knight” trilogy, but what you may not know is Nolan’s talents aren’t just in the film industry, but also the weather (apparently!).

Friend of the site Vanessa Jorge-Perry snapped this photo of the Southern California sunset last night and noticed something a little unusual in the sky. Apparently Los Angeles needs Batman, let’s just hope Bane’s no where to be found.

Batsignal Sunset

MacGyver creator Lee Zlotoff in the CBR Studio

Just finished up a lovely interview with the creator of MacGyver himself, Lee Zlotoff. Look for the full video interview to be posted next week and thanks to Lee for coming out today.

Jonah Weiland & Lee Zlotoff

Marvel Artist David Marquez’s Beautiful Wedding Cover

I’ve known Marvel’s Director of Communications, Publishing & Digital Media Arune Singh for a long time. Arune wrote for CBR from 2001 through 2007 when he moved to New York City to work for Marvel. We’ve been close friends throughout and I’m honored to be one of his groomsmen for his wedding this October, when he marries his lovely bride Michelle.

This week I got the wedding invitation and was pleased to discover a very tangible comics connection inside. Marvel Exclusive Artist David Marquez drew a beautiful rendering of what Arune & Michelle just might look like on their Wedding day, and also if their three cats were allowed to join them. Here’s a front cover scan of the invitation.

Arune & Michelle.  Art by David Marquez.

Nice job, David! And congratulations to Arune & Michelle!

Driving Behind Harley Quinn in LA

If you live in Los Angeles, you drive everywhere. While public transportation is better than it was, to get from Downtown to Santa Monica or from the Valley to the South Bay, you really have to drive.

As car culture took hold in California, so did the use of personalized license plates. You see them everywhere in LA. In fact, I had one for 5 years in the ’90s. It said “LA CLIPR” … yes, my fascination with the NBA’s Los Angeles Clippers has been a bit nuts for years.

The other day, as I drove in to work on Melrose in Hollywood, I found myself behind this car with a personalized license plate I can certainly appreciate.

Harley Quinn on the Road

Kick-Ass Outed As CBR’s Augie De Blieck Jr.

After all these years editing Augie (over half a decade – jeez), and I had no clue that he was actually a masked vigilante. The evidence, as provided by Mark Millar and John Romita, Jr. in the latest issue of “Hit Girl,” is pretty incontrovertible:

Via Bleeding Cool

The Dark Knight Knails? Err, nails!

Let’s make this plainly clear, I’m a guy. Fairly typical in most ways, especially when it comes to noticing those things women do that they’d like us to notice but don’t. Stuff like new hair styles, new shoes, painted finger or toe nails. Stuff like that. Guys just don’t generally have that on their radar.

BUT, when one of those things is merged with something geek-tastic, well, men start to notice. This happened the other day when I was scrolling through wall posts on my Facebook page and my friend Teaa Bradley posted this picture last Friday.

She dressed up her nails for a screening of “The Dark Knight Rises!” Very nice, Teaa!

The CBR Yacht at Comic-Con from 20 stories up!

The CBR Yacht

Here’s a look at the CBR Yacht from 20 stories up at the Marriot Marquis. Looks nice — too bad our giant totem was a tad flacid.

Jonah Weiland & Scott Allie on the CBR Yacht!

Here I am with Dark Horse editor Scott Allie on the CBR Yacht!

Jonah Weiland & Scott Allie

The CBR News Team: We’re Everywhere

From the Facebook page of our friends over at the newly resurgent “GEEK Magazine” comes this photo of Robert Kirkman chilling with CBR Reviews Editor Steve Sunu:

For serial, when you guys see Steve’s video run through of the zombie course at Petco Park, you are gonna plotz.

Tracie Thoms Wants To Portray Misty Knight On-Screen

As we were prepping Alan Kistler’s list of Marvel super heroeines who deserve their own shot at silver screen glory, we were unaware that one actress in particular agreed with her fan-casting! Pointed out on the CBR forums by reader dadiceguy, Tracie Thoms is fully interested in portraying Misty Knight!

Saw this the other day. So we tweeted Tracie Thoms saying she should be Misty Knight she tweeted this back

My bookshelf

Behold, my mighty bookshelf.

Jonah Weiland Takes His Clippers Basketball Seriously

A couple of weeks ago I was back in Los Angeles and got to join CBR Executive Producer Jonah Weiland at a Los Angeles Clippers game at Staples Center. It was my first basketball game and we had a great game (they won!)!

I snapped this photo of Jonah when he wasn’t looking and figured I’d post it for him today for good luck. The Clippers play their second first round playoff game against the Memphis Grizzlies tonight. This last Sunday, the Clippers came back from 24 down with 8 minutes left in the game to beat the Grizzlies in historic fashion. Let’s hope the Clippers can win again on the road tonight in Game 2 because, hey, if they do win tonight, Jonah will be in an excellent mood on Thursday and that’s always a good thing for the CBR staff!

Scenes From The CBR Bar @ C2E2

Yo. So last week, a bunch of us spent time covering the Chicago Comic & Entertainment Expo, which most folks just call C2E2. As part of the show, Jonah “Uncle Moneybags” Weiland sponsored the bar at the Hyatt, making everyone who knew me for the weekend do some variation on that “So the CBR Bar is an open bar, right?” joke in my presence. Here are some photos from over the weekend:

Here’s the core of CBR’s full-timers who were at the show (L-R): Videographer Alex Kropinak, me, Reviews Editor/Staff Writer Steve Sunu and Staff Writer Shaun Manning (who was actually at McCormick for a totally different convention but spent his evening hours drinking with us and eating out in Chinatown). There were a ton of other rad folks chipping in on the site over the weekend, and you can see an index of stories here.

Team blog-o-sphere was out in full force as well, and here’s a pic of Robot 6ers Michael May (whom I saw across the con floor several times but never got to talk to – sorry, Michael! – and whose great photo diaries of the con are well worth your time) and Brigid Alverson (who crushed it as part of team panel coverage) alongside Matthew J. Brady (whose great Warren Peace Sings The Blues I don’t comment on or link to often enough).

Here are some other pics taken on a busy Saturday night:

God only knows what was going through those bartender’s heads as they had to wear our logo while serving drinks to guys in TRON costumes.

Oh, and because I had nowhere else to put it, here’s the only cosplay photo I took all weekend:

See y’all next year.

Phegley interviews 1/2 of Man of Action at Wondercon

Steven Seagle and Joe Kelly in the CBR Tiki Room.

The CBR Spidey helping during our WonderCon shoot

The famous CBR paper Mâché Spidey from TJ hangs from the ceiling in the CBR Tiki Room at WonderCon.

The View From The Tiki Room

A shot of the convention floor from the skybox hosting the enchanted CBR Tiki Room here at WonderCon 2012!

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