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Chillin’ Free Comic Book Day

Captain Cold stopped by Earth-2 Sherman Oaks. Maybe to thank Geoff Johns for the big role in Flashpoint? Cool photo by Chris Hawley.

Phil Ortiz, Chris Kawagiwa, and Richard Starkings wrap up FCBD at The Comic Bug

Ending Free Comic Book Day Day at The Comic Bug in Manhattan Beach, CA, “The Simpsons” animator Phil Ortiz explained the importance of practicing art at an early age to a young aspiring artist. “The Ink Raven” creator Chris Kawagiwa showed off his self-published mini-comic. Between autographs, “Elephantment” writer Richard Starkings hung out with Wonder Woman. And yes, if you look closely, that is Hans Moleman that Phil is drawing.

Aspen comic creators sign autographs at The Comic Bug

From left to right: Mark Roslan (Director of Design and Production), Joe Benitez (writer/artist of “Lady Mechanika”), Peter Steigerwald (Co-Owner, Vice President), and Frank Mastromauro (Co-Owner, President) represent Aspen on Free Comic Book Day at The Comic Bug in Manhattan Beach, CA.

Tyler Crook, Robbi Rodriguez, and Jeff Stokely sketching at The Comic Bug

Tyler Crook, artist of “BPRD”, Robbi Rodriguez, artist of “Tek Jansen” and “Frankie Get Your Gun,” ek Jansenand Jeff Stokely, artist of “Fraggle Rock,” draw personalized sketches of favorite characters for comic fans at The Comic Bug in Manhattan Beach, CA on Free Comic Book Day.

Chris Yost and Mike Mignola visit The Comic Bug

Chris Yost, creator of X-23 and writer of Marvel animated series “The Avengers: Earth’s Mightiest Heroes,” and Mike Mignola, creator of Hellboy and co-writer/artist of “Baltimore, or The Steadfast Tin Soldier and the Vampire” stopped by The Comic Bug in Manhattan Beach, CA to greet fans on Free Comic Book Day.

San Diego Comic-Con 2011 Mattel Exclusives at The Comic Bug

On Free Comic Book Day, The Comic Bug in Manhattan Beach, CA showcased exclusive Mattel toys for San Diego Comic-Con 2011 featuring DC Universe Swamp Thing, Young Justice Superboy in Cloning Chamber, Green Lantern Kilowog, Masters of the Universe® Classics Queen Marlena™ Figure, Hot Wheels® Franken Berry™ Vehicle, MOTUC Polly Pocket Collection, and Voltron® Blazing Sword Voltron.

Stormtroopers and super heroes descend on The Comic Bug

Obi-Wan Kenobi, stormtroopers, and R2D2 entertained comic fans waiting to get into the Manhattan Beach, CA store on Free Comic Book Day. Co-owner Mike Wellman wore a casual-style Wonder Man costume while calling out the raffle winners of two $100 shopping sprees. The Flash and Wonder Woman struck a pose for justice and metallic spandex.

The Comic Bug abuzz with fans on FCBD

Fans eagerly waited for autographs, deals, and freebies in a line winding around the store and out down the sidewalk at The Comic Bug in Manhattan Beach, CA. Owners Jun Goeku, seen in the Comic Bug’s “I’m Infected” t-shirt, and Mike Wellman, sporting a Wonder Man-inspired getup, and their team of dedicated volunteers kept the crowds organized, the mood excited, and the comics well-stocked.

Winding Down

Bryce and Will give us one more blast of power at Arclight and Earth-2 in Sherman Oaks.


Arclight Cinemas and Earth-2 Comics in Sherman Oaks bow down to the power of Isaac, Charlize, and Ariel.

Super Family

The family without fear, patrolling sector 2814 from Arclight Cinemas to Earth-2 Comics in Sherman Oaks.

Say “Happy Free Comic Book Day”

David with his new comics from Earth-2 after seeing THOR at Arclight in Sherman Oaks.

Crime Fighters

Michael, Jacob, and Matthew, keeping the Arclight in Sherman Oaks safe with the help of Earth-2 Comics for another day.


Lior, Daniel, and Noah power-up for Free Comic Book Day at Arclight in Sherman Oaks courtesy of Earth-2 Comics!

Gravity defying comics in San Francisco

An cool booth setup at Mission Comics in San Francisco.

Spiderman street art in Los Angeles

Comic fans were encouraged to create their own art at Golden Apple Comics in Los Angeles, CA. 

Prom and FCBD at Austin Books & Comics, Best Weekend Ever

Taking a break before the festivities, a group of Austin teens prepares for prom with a trip To Free Comic Book Day at Austin Books & Comics in Austin, TX.

No evil shall escape their sight

Beware David, David, Jackson, and Alexander’s Power, Green Lantern’s Light!

Henry, Portrait of a Comic Book Reader

Henry enjoys Free Comic Book Day at Secret Headquarters in Los Angeles, CA

Artists David Mack & Pay Maybury at Austin Books & Comics

Austin Books & Comics at 5002 N. Lamar Blvd. in Austin, TX. www.austinbooks.com http://www.austinbooks.com/

Special guests artists today included David Mack, creator of Kabuki, and Image Comics artist Paul Maybury.

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