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The Green Lantern Corps

In Brightest Day, in Blackest Night… Eric, Ivan, Henry, Duanne, and Destiny defend Arclight and Earth-2 Comics in Sherman Oaks, Space Sector 2814

Super Dinosaur RAWR!

So Awesome! Super Dinosaur was just unveiled at Golden Apple Comics, Hollywood! That thing looks HOT! (In every sense of the word!)

Free Comic Book Day 2011

Dark Horse Director of Publicity Jeremy Atkins

Free comics!

Kids grabbing comics – Yay!

Comics & More

Rob Worley with Mason, winner of the custom Scratch9 Mighty Mugg!

Dreamstrands Comics

A rare sunny day in Seattle for FCBD.

Comics & More

Comic writer Paul Storrie

Comics & More

Chris Brown with Darek, winner of Writh Mighty Mugg

Going in to get Patrick to sign it!

Purchased this at the Chandler store but Patrick Scherberger is here at the Mesa store! FCBD madness!

Keeping Spirits High

Nice costume. Too bad yer movie kinda wasn’t of the good. At Golden Apple Comics, Hollywood.

Michael Broussard sketches

Top Cow superstar artist sketches Batman at Earth-2 Sherman Oaks

SUPER DINOSAUR’S Robert Kirkman & Jason Howard

Signing now at Golden Apple Comics, Hollywood.

Free Comic Book Day in Arizona, 103 degrees!

Seriously? Let’s do this thing!

Lines at HOS

People stood in long lines to get an autograph from Tom Kenny and Sherm Cohen at Burbank’s House of Secrets.

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