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The CBR Hallway Poll: Ben Affleck as Batman – Yay or Nay?

The CBR offices are located in the Laemmle Theater building in the NoHo Arts District in Los Angeles, California. It’s a small building that’s home to a seven screen movie theater, a Chipotle (oh, man, do we love burritos!), CBR and Los Angeles City Councilman Paul Krikorian’s field office. There’s not a lot of traffic in our hallways, but enough that we thought, “HEY, WE HAVE TO TAKE THE PULSE OF THE BUILDING ON THIS BEN AFFLECK BATMAN NEWS!!!!” Well, it wasn’t quite that dramatic, but close.

We put our nifty white board on the door to our suite and asked the question of anyone walking the halls since last Friday. Here are the results.

What have we learned from our super scientific survey? That our hallway is far more supportive of Ben Affleck as Batman than the Internet as a whole is. HALLWAY FTW!

The World Ends At The CBR Speakeasy?

Team CBR might be planning their own in-studio pub crawl to celebrate the opening of “The World’s End.” I think Edgar Wright, Simon Pegg, & Nick Frost would approve, don’t you? Thanks to Focus Features for sending these over — they’ll be properly used in the CBR Speakeasy, for sure.

For more on “The World’s End,” check out the review on Spinoff Online by Josh Wigler.

Goofing Off on the Docks at Comic-con

Love this Charlie’s Angels inspired photo of me, Video Producer Remy Minnick and my assistant Andhrea Gapunay on the docks outside the CBR Yacht!

The Floating Tiki room on the CBR yacht at #SDCC

The set turned out nice year.

These SDCC WB Bags are too fun!

Here’s my assistant Andhrea wearing the giant ARROW bag. Love it! It’s functional, it’s fashionable!

Steve “Arrow” Sunu working hard on the yacht.

Editor Steve Sunu dons one of the massive WB bags that have capes this year. Obviously he’s hard at work. Also, video editor Seth Sherwood in the background checking footage.

The Totem Bar on the floating CBR Tiki Room at SDCC

> Our totem bar for good luck. Looks nicer at night. Also, a self portrait of me. > > >

You’re Next masks will freak you out!

Our friends at LIONSGATE sent over a Comic-Con care package filled with water, pens, note pads, sun screen, hand sanitizer, a Subway gift card and more, plus this freaky ass mask from YOU’RE NEXT that CBR video producer Remy Minnick was kind enough to wear. We’re making him wear it all day today as he toils away on our Comic-Con schedule. It’s not awkward at all!

Who will you tip – The Joker or Lex Luthor?

Love the comic book theming of the tip jar at SteamPunk Coffee Bar in North Hollywood, CA. I tipped The Joker, naturally.

The CBR Speakeasy

Jonah Weiland sits down with Arrow’s own Marc Guggenheim in this wonderful panorama shot of the brand new CBR Speakeasy. — -Remy Minnick -Production Coordinator-

Ninja Jam at KRC

Ninja Jam drawing at the Kids Read Comics Convention in Ann Arbor, Michigan #kidsreadcomics

Panda jam at KRC

Panda jam at Kids Read Comics in Ann Arbor, Michigan #kidsreadcomics

Kids Read Comics day 2

A crowd gathers #kidsreadcomics

N3K0 Drawing

Joshua Buchanan draws N3K0 from Scratch9:Cat Tails #2 at Kids Read Comics in Ann Arbor, Michigan #kidsreadcomics

Captain America jam sketch

Captain America jam sketch at Kids Read Comics in Ann Arbor, Michigan #kidsreadcomics

Sketchin at KRC

Jay Fosgitt, Justin Castaneda, Joe Foo and youngster sketch jam Captain America at Kids Read Comics in Ann Arbor, Michigan #kidsreadcomics

Dan Mishkin

Dan Mishkin, creator of Amethyst and Blue Devil, and founder of Michigan ‘s Kids Read Comics show. #kidsreadcomics

Mike Roll at KRC

Apooka creator and Scratch9 :Cat Tails artist Mike Roll at Kids Read Comics in Ann Arbor, Michigan #kidsreadcomics

Jay Fosgitt at KRC

Bodie Troll creator Jay P Fosgitt at Kids Read Comics in Ann Arbor, Michigan #kidsreadcomics

Recent Comments

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  • Paul: That shop must be in Australia.
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  • Dimo1: Looks like Bart Sears Spider-Man in the second pic.
  • Ev: Marvel should open this now. It could rival McD’s now that they are such mainstream darlings!
  • Andrew: That fill-in’s the SIlver Surfer.
  • Mike: Cover is Lim and Koblish, I think first 3 pages are Ringo, 4 and 6 are Chuck Wojtkiewicz, and 5 is Steven...

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